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Apartment removals have a way of generating stress. People often feel the fear of making wrong decisions. Hence, we at Fox Removals recommend that you carry out this process with the help of specialists. There are lots of questions that come with apartment removals. We will look at some common questions relating to apartment removals

What are the factors that make up the budget of an apartment removalist?

In preparation of the budget for an apartment removal, below are some of the basic considerations of the apartment removalist.
The following parameters may affect the cost:
The square meters of the house.
The quantity and size of the objects to be transferred.
The type of objects.
The number of operators required.
The ease of disassembly of furniture.
The packaging of objects: if the consumer does, it will be cheaper.
The existence of an elevator.
The ease of access to the property.

Can I request a contract that includes all the conditions of the move?

  • The answer to this question is yes and that contract must include, at least, the following information:
  • The company name, address, tax identification, and telephone number of the moving company.
  • Name, surname, and address of the client.
  • The Rights and obligations of both parties.
  • The description of the requested service.
  • Date and place of loading and unloading of objects.
  • Total price with a breakdown of discounts or increments for special services (for example, special packaging, assemble furniture, hang lamps, etc.), taxes, and payment method.
  • Form by which the consumer can terminate the contract and amount of compensation.
  • Dispute resolution procedure.
  • Signature of the parties.

I requested the moving services with date and time in writing, but the operators came the next day. Can the company be required to return the money?

Yes. In the event that your belongings are not picked up or delivered on the promised dates, you may demand a refund.

The company with which I am going to hire the move insists on giving me the budget by phone. Should I accept it?

No. In fact to prepare a quote, a series of premises must be taken into account, such as visiting the home, seeing the accesses for the evacuation of bulky objects, assessing the most appropriate mode of transport for these items, etc.

In addition, it must be written in order to claim if the company subsequently modifies the price during the move.

Is it legal for the moving company to ask me to charge the service in advance?

No. Although most companies usually require payment in advance, according to the law, you are not required to pay until the service is complete.

I have a series of valuables that I must carry. Can I trust the apartment removal company?

Some companies have safes and vaults for works of art and other valuables … If you have valuable furniture or sculptures, photograph them before making a move. In this way, if they suffer any damage, you will have more evidence for your the claim. In some cases, it is advisable that you personally take responsibility for the transportation of particular objects such as jewellery, insurance policies, and other valuable documents.

I hired a move and, in the end, asked for an invoice, but they refused to give it to me. Do they have to give it to me?

Yes. The providers of these services are obliged to deliver an invoice or proof of the service provided.

If I have a problem with a moving company, how can I claim it?

If you have any problems, request the claim sheet. The apartment removal companies should be obligated to make it available to any user who requests it. This is a very important way to show professionalism.

How is the price of an apartment removal calculated?

It is calculated based on the amount of time required to complete the move, the quantity, size, and packaging of the objects to be transferred, the number of operators required and the ease of access to the property.

What happens if breakage or loss occurs during the move?

One of the biggest fears of customers is to suffer a loss or breakage of their property during the move. Therefore, it is recommended that clients make “a declaration of the value of their goods before making the move.”

It is a conventional belief that the apartment removal company has an obligation to compensate the client as long as the damage was caused during the move. Once you confirm that your property is not in good condition, you can file a claim with the moving company, its subcontractors, and the insurer.

It is the right of the customer to file for a claim, especially if he is not satisfied with the condition of his or her property after the move process.

As one of the best apartment removalist company in Perth, Fox Removals makes sure that you are saved from these hassles. We do our possible best to ensure that you have a stress free removal experience.

To request a low-cost move in Perth, call or email us, informing us about the approximate date of the apartment removal, as well as the approximate number of household utensils. Do not forget to report the presence of large cargo, such as a safe or a piano. Our specialists will ask you the necessary questions and evaluate the price of the move, in addition to making an approximate work flow plan. Also, the cost of transportation is calculated, as well as the optimal number of loaders required. If necessary our specialist will come to you and give you an accurate estimate of the cost of transportation.

Our company guarantees the safe transportation of your belongings. The packing of household goods begins with the preparation: our employees will place your properties in special boxes, carefully disassemble and package the furniture; Take them out and load them on special transport vehicles. We transport furniture in specialised vans. Our vans are equipped with devices to secure the cargo, which prevents damage during transport.

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