Things To Consider When Moving Your Apartment

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We take the hassle of moving Apartments in Perth – so life can return to normal faster.

Cases in which the “do it yourself” move is not convenient 

When you’re in a hurry

In DIY removals, it can take up to several days, while the transfer job made by a company take only a day.

When the properties have a high value

When you do not have practical knowledge in disassembling, assembling, and transporting furniture, it could lead to severe damage of items. Professional home removalist companies have specialised knowledge and skills in the disassembly, transport, and assembly.  External lifts are used to transport everything without damage; additionally they also have an insurance policy that covers any damage incurred during the move.

When the furniture is much

Moving companies take little time to disassemble and assemble the furniture: even if the properties to be moved is much, The difference in cost between a small and a large move will be minimal precisely because there is no big difference in the time spent. 

In the instance the house is difficult to access because of stairs and other limitations such as stairs are narrow or the lift is not adequate, and there is no elevator, properties can be damaged easily. To overcome this problem, you could also hire an external lift or get the services of a home removal company

When the move involves a long distance

Performing a long-distance removal will attract more stress and cost when done by individuals. With help from a removal company, the removal process will be done faster and more efficient.

Select in advance all the things to be eliminated before the move

Do you want to know how to make the move easy and quick to perform? Before contacting companies, select all the assets of your home and evaluate which ones to bring to the new destination.

To do everything in detail, proceed as follow:

  • Evaluate the size of the new home
  • Check if the furniture gets into it all otherwise choose which to remove 
  • Select the clothes you want and set them aside
  • Check out sofas and armchairs and consider which ones to take with you
  • Throw all the broken and old things and bring only those that are in good condition

Perform all these operations at least a few months before deciding on the date of the move. This way, you will have time to throw away old things and decide what to do for furniture is in good condition. At this point, it is time to contact an efficient removal company. 

What are the other things to eliminate before a move?

 If you plan your move properly, you will experience little difficulty.

Surely you will ask, but what are the things to be eliminated before moving? 

For example, if you start from the kitchen, as soon as you take dishes, glasses, cutlery, and all the other utensils, you can easily discard those you don’t need.

If there are things you haven’t used for so long, you surely won’t even use them in the new house, so why keep them?

Bowls, cutlery, lids, carafes, or other utensils that you have always put aside are certainly superfluous and therefore put in a garbage bag. Take care to put them in the right one to make a correct sorting.

Move on to the other rooms of the house and as you go by analysing the various objects, choose the ones to be thrown away and lighten the load.

Where to store items during a removal

Before you even select what you need to set aside, get boxes, and packing materials.

To protect delicate objects, wrap them in the bubble wrap and, to prevent them from colliding, fill in the empty spaces so that they are not damaged during transportation.

Once you have filled the boxes, write the contents on the outside, so as to avoid complications when they arrive in the new house.

If you do not wish to carry out this operation on your own because you think it is too tiring, contact a reliable removal company and also entrust the job to them.

Prepared and competent operators are able to carry out every phase in the best way and protecting everything with the right material.

Fox Removals is specialised in removals, and we operate in Perth, performing high-quality services throughout the city and it’s environment.

Thanks to our consolidated experience in this field. Every move is successful, and we exempt you from all forms of difficulty.

How to tidy everything up right away when you arrive in your new home

An excellent way to tidy everything up right away when you arrive in the new house is to put together similar objects in the same room.

For example, with regard to the bedroom, put ornaments, photo frames, doilies, jewellery boxes together.

Also, write the content and also the room in which they will have to be rearranged so that you can get them out effortlessly.

As for the folded clothes, put them in a box, but those in the hanger put them in a box fitted inside clothes hangers.

You can find these boxes in a clothing store, or you can ask the company that will carry out the move. If you are provided with packaging materials and boxes, you can save on staff costs.

Or you can ask for a quote to get an idea of ​​the total price. In any case, you must decide, and the moving company will deliver what you want to take to the new home.

Dismantling and reassembling furniture requires proper organisation and above all, high competence.

You don’t wait any longer and contact Fox Removals today and get yourself saved from unnecessary stress.

Fox Removals carry out all your moves with a high touch of professionalism. You are covered with us. We do not include hidden charges. These are things that separate us from our competitors. We are the company you can trust. 

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