What To Consider When Moving Apartment Floors

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Moving apartments on higher levels has always proven to be a difficult task, especially when the right precautions haven’t been taken. This article aims to provide you some tips on moving your apartment to higher levels. 

Furniture transport: everything must happen in a simple way

Changing homes is synonymous with a new adventure and the removal of furniture is one of the biggest challenge when doing so, which can be incredibly stressful! If  you have not properly planned your move then you risk it becoming a real nightmare! Be sure to contact a professional removalist, like fox, who has years of experience with these complex moves.


Planning is a fundamental activity in apartment removals to a higher level, planning ensures that the removal process takes place in complete safe setting. Poor planning can put you at serious risk of blowing out your budget as well as dramatically lengthening the time of the move. It is better to have your properties disassembled and packed professionally, assigning the task to a good removal company will enhance safety, efficiency, and effectiveness.

The preliminary stages of the move

When commencing your move you will most likely find yourself dealing with the issues of packaging and permits, it is at this moment, you must ask yourself: “Will I be able to carry out a this move on my own or do I need a professional?”The answer is it depends, If there is not much to bring to your new home then you may be able to make the move on your own. However more often ten not it is close to impossible, especially when it comes to furniture removal. Contacting an expert company is a necessity! It is up to the professionals to pack the furniture and proceed with transportation, saving you the time and hassle.

The importance of the initial inspection

If you decide to go with a removalist to assist with your move to a higher level it is essential that they conduct an inspection and audit of the situation. Analysing how can the job be performed in the most professional and effective way, They should take into account the volume of furniture and content that will need to be transported as well as the apartments accessibility, taking note of stairs, elevators and emergency exits. 

The philosophy of a professional company: reduce unnecessary efforts

When it comes to moving furniture in the home professional removalists know very well that we must avoid making unnecessary efforts and breaking our backs.  We always start by removing the contents from the furniture for example books and ornaments off the shelf. Everything must be carefully packed so that there is no chance of damage during the move. 

What do you need when moving home furniture?

Cellophane and bubble wrap rolls and particularly sturdy cartons are a must. Cardboard box dimensions of 40 x 30 x 30 centimetres is recommended to bear a certain weight, they must be robust.

The same applies to the cartons that you will fill with crockery. In this case, given the delicacy of the material, the use of paper to wrap them in is essential to protect them during the move.

When moving an apartment to a higher level, is it better to dismantle the furniture or leave it whole?

There is no single answer to the question, it depends on so many things. There are positive aspects and negative aspects to each of these two options. Furniture disassembly from the conservation pieces to the individual pieces of furniture is essential! Your removalist should use high quality packaging when dissembling these items as well as a plastic bag for any screws and additional components. 

It is also a good idea to photograph your furniture to send to you removalist so they can more effectively plan a disassembly strategy.

If you opt to transport your furniture without disassembly it will save you time, sure, however the risk of damage increases tenfold. In this case it is recommended to hire a special furniture movement kit.

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