Moving into a new house is hard enough but how do you manage it when you need to navigate your big ol’ sofa into a small apartment? Yes, getting moved into a smaller space has a unique set of challenges but it doesn’t have to be too daunting if you’re prepared. As the pros with apartment removals Perth, we know a thing or two about getting moved into your new (smaller) space as easily as possible and today we’ll be sharing our expert tips.


Cull before you pack

This is a great tip no matter where you’re moving but downsizing your possessions is particularly important if you’re moving into a smaller space. Instead of waiting until the other end to see if you can fit everything into your limited space, cull your items and furniture ahead of time in preparation for the move.


Measure up ahead of time

The last thing you want is to carry your larger furniture all the way up to your apartment, only to realise it’s just too big. Don’t assume everything will fit – measure up your furniture and make sure it’s the right size. For the furniture that you can’t disassemble, like solid dining tables or large couches, you also need to check they’ll fit through the doorway.

Disassemble ahead of time

You don’t want to be taking furniture apart outside the door of your new apartment. Instead, take apart as much of your furniture as possible before moving day. Not only does this make things easier for your removalists, it also means that things will fit into lifts and through doorways much more easily.


Consider storage

It can be disheartening if you move into a smaller place and realise that a lot of possessions just don’t have a place anymore. However, remember that you have the option of putting your larger items into a storage facility. They’ll be safe and sound there until you decide what you want to do with them. Your removalist will also be able to transport items straight into storage for you.


Call the professionals

When you’re moving into an apartment, calling in professional removalists who have the right experience makes life so much easier. Let them know ahead of time that you’re moving into an apartment and they’ll be able to give you some professional tips, as well as support you with the move on the day.

At Fox Removals, we take the hassle out so you can be moved into your new space on time and on budget. We understand how stressful the process of moving house can be, but we have the skills and equipment to get it done. Whether you have large, awkward furniture, or delicate items which need a little extra TLC, we have you covered.

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