Whether you’re moving into your first home or looking to downsize, an apartment is a great option and you’ll love your new space. However, the moving process can be a little more complicated compared to house removals as there are a few more logistics to consider. So, how can you be confident that the process will run as smoothly as possible? Well, we’re here to share some of the main things you need to consider with your upcoming apartment removal.

Have you cleaned out your possessions?

When you’re moving into an apartment, one of the most important things you need to do is take into account the reduced space. As soon as you know you’re moving, start going through your items and clearing out things that you don’t need or that won’t fit. Don’t wait until you’ve moved in to start culling – you’ll end up with a mountain of boxes and no room to store anything. Be realistic about your new space. How many storage areas do you have?
How big are the wardrobes?

Have you measured your furniture?

Although your furniture might not look that big in a house, it can often be far too big for an apartment. Take the time to measure your furniture and check that it will fit into your new space. If it’s obvious that your dining table is too big or that your couch will overwhelm the living room, sell your existing furniture and buy more compact options. Also, check that your furniture will fit in the lift and through the doorway!

Have you spoken to your building?

Moving into an apartment has a whole extra layer of complexity when you consider that other residents also use the lifts and stairs. Rather than just turning up on moving day, speak to your building ahead of time and let them know that you plan on moving in. They’ll let you know what stairs or lift is best to use and there may be only certain times during which you can move. You may also need to reserve off-street parking for the moving truck.

Does your removalist have experience?

Apartment removals can be quite different to house removals so you need to be confident that your removalist knows what they’re doing as they need to contend with difficult situations such as moving into an apartment on a busy street, manoeuvring furniture up stairs and lifts, and contending with the requirements of your building. Take a look at online reviews and ask questions about your potential removalist’s experience.

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