Fragile items are some of the biggest casualties when moving house and it can be frustrating to hear the rattle of broken glass when you go to unpack. If your version of packing something fragile is to chuck some bubble wrap in the box, chances are that this won’t be enough. So, how can you protect your breakables? As experts in fragile removals Perth, we’re here to share our top tips on how to pack your fragile items so they arrive in one piece.

Be prepared

You don’t want to be packing up fragile items the night before you move, only to find that you haven’t got enough supplies to protect them. Get prepared well ahead of time with plenty of
packing supplies for your breakable items. Along with your various sized boxes, you also need to make sure you have plenty of bubble wrap, flexible cardboard and packing paper on hand.

Take your time

Once you have your moving date, start the packing process straight away and your fragile items are a great place to start as they require a bit more time. Start packing the fragile items that you don’t use day to day, such as fancy glasses, wine decanters, ornaments and serving ware.

Don’t overpack

If you overpack your fragile items, you run a bigger risk of them breaking as items can bump against each other. While some items such as plates can be stacked (as long as you add cushioning between each layer!) awkwardly shaped or fragile items are best given their own box. For example, delicate lampshades should be packed individually.

Fill in empty spaces

The less empty space in the box, the less chance your fragile have to move around the place. We don’t mean filling spaces with other items – instead, fill gaps with bubble wrap or packing paper so your items stay put. For example, add scrunched up packing paper to the inside of glasses.

Don’t scrimp on cushioning

It’s all about providing cushioning for your fragile items so they don’t rattle around. Remember to add cushioning to the bottom of your boxes with packing paper or bubble wrap and tape multiple layers around awkwardly shaped items with handles as they’re prone to breaking. Cardboard also comes in useful for extra protection.

Mark the boxes

Although you might remember which box you put your lovingly wrapped antique teapot into, other people won’t. Clearly mark boxes as fragile and, to make your job easier at the other end, write exactly what’s inside.

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