Moving house is hard enough but it adds a whole new layer of complexity when it comes to packing and moving your house’s fragile item removals. From tiny china ornaments to large pieces of antique furniture, you want to make sure there are no breakages along the way. Today, we’re sharing some of the most common mistakes people make with fragile removals so you can avoid them on moving day!


1.      Not getting started early

When it comes to packing fragile items, the earlier you can start the better due to the care that needs to be taken so don’t make the mistake of leaving to the night before. Taking time with each item is the best way to prevent breakages or damage so it’s worth planning ahead. Also, packing fragile possessions can be very fiddly so spacing out the task makes it much more manageable.


2.      Not using enough packing material

While packing your breakables, make sure you have plenty of packing material at your disposal. Have a range of different sized boxes on hand and get prepared packing paper, bubble wrap, newspaper, cardboard and sticking tape. You can also get some packing peanuts to fill spaces in large boxes. Don’t resort to using towels or clothes as packing material as they tend to slip off in transit because they’re difficult to stick down with tape.


3.      Not marking your boxes

This is a basic piece of advice but it’s amazing how many people overlook marking the box after you’ve packed fragile item for removal. No matter how carefully you’ve packed your fragile possessions, you still want people to take care on moving day. Clearly mark the boxes which have fragile items and don’t forget to add what room they belong in.


4.      Not using a specialist removal company

When choosing your removalist, make sure you choose a company who specializes in fragile removals. There will be some companies who don’t want to tackle delicate, awkward items and you don’t want to be caught out on moving day. When you make your booking, give them a call and double check.


5.      Not communicating with your removalist

If you have fragile items which will need extra care, particularly large items of furniture, you need to speak to your removalist ahead of time so they can plan for your move. Don’t spring it on them at the last minute – it could slow things down which is the last thing you want!


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