Whether you’re trying to escape the city or need to relocate for work, moving from Perth to a regional location is no small task. Not only do you need to factor in the normal disruption which comes from moving house, you also have to consider the longer distance involved for your removal. If a rural move is on the cards for you and your family, we’re here to share our top tips for making the process run as smoothly as possible.

Clear out clutter in advance

With a regional move, you generally don’t have the luxury of being able to easily make multiple car trips back and forth to transport boxes which is why reducing your possessions is essential. As soon as you know you’re relocating, clear out as much clutter as you can – organise a garage sale, donate items to charity or do anything else you can to lighten the load.

Think about how your furniture will fit

The last thing you want is to bring your furniture all the way to your new home only to realise that not all of it fits. Measure the dimensions of your new house and carefully consider whether your existing furniture will fit. If it’s not going to fit, you can sell it, donate it to charity or put it into storage.

Pack with extra care

Longer distances on the road for your possessions mean that they’re more likely to be bumped and jostled about on the journey. Take particular care with packing boxes and use plenty of packing paper and bubble wrap. Remember to label boxes as fragile if the contents have any chance of breaking to remind removalists and well-meaning family and friends to take extra care.

Hire a reputable removalist

The longer distances involved with a regional move means that you need to be confident that you’ve chosen an experienced removalist who knows what they’re doing with rural removals. Look for a company with a solid reputation as reflected in positive customer reviews and testimonials. Also, always ensure that they have the right insurance in place to protect your possessions while they’re in transit.

Give your removalist plenty of notice

Don’t assume that your chosen removalist will have no problem with a rural move. Instead, make it clear where you’re moving to and the distance involved so your removalist can be prepared in plenty of time. While most removalists are happy to assist with regional moves, they need to clear enough time in their schedule and prepare for a longer journey.

To make your regional move run as smoothly possible, the experienced team at Fox Removals can help. We have over 25 years of combined experience which means that we’ll have you moved into your new location as quickly and efficiently as possible. We service across the Perth metro area and can also assist with regional and rural removals upon
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