When preparing to move, it is necessary to research and decide on the best removalist to suit your needs. Fox Removals can help you by ensuring that no details go unnoticed.
All you have to do is supply us with the details of the move and your dates. This allows us to provide the best possible service.

This article will take you through to a summary of preparation steps necessary for moving. If you are not sure where to start, please take a look.
Get ready with this content and move smoothly with minimal effort!

Decide on a moving date

It takes time to prepare for a move, depending on the number of items and whether any special procedures are to be used. Take into consideration that moving costs may vary depending on the day of the week.

Get a quote

Once you have chosen the date you want to move, ask the removalist for a quote! The quote will guide you to budgeting accurately for your move.

Organize your surroundings and prepare for the moving

When preparing for your home or office removals, it is necessary that you organize the house/office and put all modalities in place. Clean up the room and dispose of any unwanted articles by a variety of means such as selling/gifting/recycling and placing in the garbage bin.

Specific personal properties that should be handled with care.

Empty the refrigerator and freezer the day before you move, or at the latest about 6 hours before the move.
Defrost and dry the freezer thoroughly. Open the refrigerator and dry the interior. Items that will not be used should be disposed of in the correct way.

It is best to use a special cushioning material, such as a mirror mat. Newspaper can be used very successfully as a substitute.
Carefully wrap the dishes one at a time, place the heavy dishes at the bottom, the light dishes at the top. Place the dishes upright rather than flat. By doing this, it will be difficult to break when subjected to a load from above.

Long clothes such as dresses, coats and suits have hanger boxes specially prepared by contractors and can be moved while hung on hangers. Some companies do not have hanger boxes. Plastic costume cases can also be used.

TV set
Removal and wiring of TV antennas are usually done by removalist companies. Fox Removals will uninstall and re install your TV set .

Computers usually have their packages (containers). Ensure you package your computers using appropriate packaging material. Fox Removals can assist with your TV and audio, wiring, and the internet connection..

Book, record, CD
Books, records, CDs / DVDs, etc. should be placed in a cardboard box or a small box designated by the removalist.

Washing machine
Fox Removals engage standard service for both installing and removing the washing machine.

In most cases, furniture and beds are disassembled and assembled by moving companies. Disassembly and assembly may require specialized tools that come with the furniture. These special tools must be kept safe after moving.

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