Moving house is stressful enough but it can add a whole other layer of complexity when you have kids. Whether it’s struggling to get the kids’ rooms packed up for the move or worrying about them not being keen on the move itself, it’s good to plan ahead to make moving house as kid-friendly as possible. Today, we’ll be looking at some of our top tips for making your move easy for the kids and for you!

Get them excited

It’s common for kids to be less than excited about the prospect of moving house. After all, kids love routine and a new house is a massive change. To help with the transition, try to get the kids excited about moving house. Arrange a time to give them a tour and show them their new bedroom. Look into activities and parks which are nearby to the house and talk about the positives of moving.

Pack their room last

A general rule of moving is to get as much as you can packed before you go. However, it’s best to save the kids’ rooms until last. If you pack too early, it can be confusing for younger kids and make the transition harder. With older kids, you’ll usually find that they want to play with something right at the bottom of a box in the days leading up to the move!

Keep a special box

During the packing process, put aside a ‘special’ box and get the kids to put their most treasured toys and games. Not only is this a fun way to get the kids involved in the packing process, it also means they have easy access to their favourite things at the new house so you don’t have to empty every box to find what they want.

Arrange a babysitter

If possible, try to arrange a babysitter on moving day. This removes the kids from the chaos and stress of moving and means you have more ability to focus on getting moved in. With smaller kids, it’s also safer to have them out of the way to avoid them getting underfoot!

Get the new room set up quickly

When it comes to unpacking, the kids’ rooms should be a priority. Having their bedrooms set up will help the kids settle in more quickly and causes less confusion. At the very least, unpack the kids’ favourite toys so they feel more at home.

While we can’t help out with the kids, the team at Fox Removals are here to make sure the rest of the moving process is as hassle-free as possible. We’re the experts when it comes to getting you into your place quickly and efficiently. We have experience with both commercial and residential removals – let us do the heavy lifting so you can be in your place sooner!

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