When it comes to packing, the bedroom is often one of the last areas that people tackle and one of the most common rooms which are frantically being packed up on the day. After all, it’s a big undertaking between heavy furniture, kids’ bedrooms and piles of clothes! To make this process a little easier for you, we’re sharing some of our top tips for packing your bedrooms.

Sort through your clothes early on

When you’re packing your bedroom, don’t just pack all of your clothes without thinking – this is the perfect opportunity to do a wardrobe clean out and get rid of clothes that you just don’t wear anymore. Not only does this mean less to pack, it also means that you have a fresh start when you get to your new house.

Pack your clothes in order

Although the easiest option is throwing all your clothes into a giant box, it makes unpacking a nightmare when you’re left with crinkled, disordered clothes. To make life easier, fold all of your clothes and pack them in groups to make unpacking at the other end a lot easier. For example, keep all of your t-shirts and shirts together. To avoid losing smaller items such as socks, put them all into a big zip lock bag.

Get the kids involved

To avoid the kids getting upset at the prospect of packing their rooms, try getting them involved in the process as early on as possible. Get them decorate their moving boxes with drawings or stickers and ask them to put aside special toys they want to keep with them on moving day. Start packing as early – the process is always longer with kids involved!

Disassemble the bed the day before

When it comes to bedroom furniture, the bed is often the biggest challenge. To save time on moving day, aim to disassemble the bed the day before so it’s ready to go – you may need to enlist some help for this! If you can’t do it yourself, mention to your removalist that they’ll need to disassemble it for you on the day.

Organise sufficient packing material

The bedroom is often home to smaller items such as photo frames, ornaments, jewellery and other knick knacks. Make sure you have plenty of packing materials for your smaller items so they’re protected and put them into a small box so they don’t get too knocked around.

Pack a suitcase of essentials

Although everyone intends to be completely unpacked on the evening of moving day, the reality is that you may not be that organised. With that in mind, have a suitcase of essentials for the bedroom including a couple of outfits, staple toiletries, phone chargers or any other items that you’ll need on the first night.

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