Let’s be honest, most people don’t like change very much and this is certainly true when it comes to moving offices. Even if the move will ultimately be much better for everyone, staff can be resistant to these changes. So, what can you do about it? At Fox Removals, we’ve had a lot of experience with office removals and we’re here to share our tips for preparing staff for your office move.

Be open about the move

As soon as you begin looking for a new office, it’s a good idea to let your staff know of your plans. Once you’ve settled on a new office, let the team know right away and explain the benefits of moving. Give a clear moving timeline so everyone is on the same page and allow staff time to prepare for the move.

Arrange a moving representative

It’s important to plan your move in an organised way. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to nominate someone as the primary moving organiser. Have one person as the main point of contact and they can be responsible for disseminating information or asking questions – if you have an office manager, they’re usually the best person for the job.

Give regular updates

It’s understandable that timelines may change in the lead up to the move but you need to keep everyone informed – it can be frustrating for staff when only a few people know what’s going on. Give regular updates as to the moving process and ensure the lines of communication stay open.

Be open about staff responsibilities

For an office move to run smoothly, everyone needs to get involved and it’s important to let your staff know what your expectations are in relation to their tasks in the lead up to moving day and on the day itself. When should they have their desks packed up? What else are they responsible for?

Involve staff in the relocation

One of the best ways to get staff on board with the office move is to get them involved in the process. Arrange a trip to the new office and show everyone around – it can help when people can visualise the new space. It also helps if you can let them know what kind of amenities are in the local area.

At Fox Removals, we understand that moving office can be stressful. With that in mind, we work hard to make your moving day as easy and stress-free as possible. Our team have over 25 years of combined experience which means we can handle anything that moving day throws at us. We can also assist with sensitive item removals for your peace of mind.

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