Moving office comes with a whole new level of complication compared to moving house, not least of which is the need to relocate sensitive material. With confidential company information, client information, financial data and other sensitive information being contained in computers, filing cabinets and desks, it’s essential that you take the right precautions to protect this material during the move. Let’s look at how you can protect sensitive information during your office relocation.

Have a system in place

To make sure everyone knows what’s happening during the move, appoint a coordinator who will disseminate information to all staff and keep everyone informed of what will be happening. Having a clear system in place avoids miscommunication and means everyone is on the same page when it comes to moving sensitive information.

Pack information securely

Consider ahead of time how sensitive information will be packed up and make sure this process is carried out as securely as possible. Pack documentation in sturdy, purpose made moving boxes and ensure clear labelling. Have a spreadsheet which outlined the contents of the boxes and when they should be moved. Speak to your removalist to ensure that your information will be safe during transit.

Shred non-essential documentation

Moving office is the perfect time to get rid of superfluous documentation. The less information you need to transport which contains sensitive information, the better. Get to work as early as possible disposing of documentation that you don’t require in the new office. Remember that it’s your responsibly to ensure that documentation is disposed of
properly which means shredding everything.

Have secure storage at the other end

While it’s important you pack everything securely when you’re moving, also ensure that you have security measures in place at the new building. You don’t want to have stacks of boxes containing sensitive information sitting there for days. Ensure that there is appropriate secure storage, such as filing cabinets, ready to go at the new office and confirm that your office security system is operational.

Choose a removalist with the relevant experience

Don’t just settle for a removalist who offers a low price. With office removals, you need to ensure you choose a company why has experience when it comes to transporting sensitive material. With the right industry experience, you can be confident that your removalist has comprehensive insurance in place and the right security measures for your peace of mind.

At Fox Removals, we have extensive industry experience when it comes to office removals in Perth. We work with you to ensure that the process of moving office is as smooth as possible and we also specialise in transporting sensitive material for the ultimate peace of mind. Whether you’re a small business or a large scale operating, let us do the heavy lifting – give our team a call today and we can discuss your needs.

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