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We take the hassle of moving in Fremantle – so life can return to normal faster.

Using the services of a trusted Fremantle removalist comes with a lot of benefits, as you will have your move done in a professional and timely manner. We will look at a few briefly.

Move quickly with Fox Removals

Employing our professional services makes the whole moving process swift. One of the most important attributes of Fox Removals is planning.  We organise your move even before the move takes place to enhance efficiency.

After the primary phase of planning, we move on to the packaging of furniture and technological equipment.  We perform this operation with a great sense of care, prioritising the safety of your properties.

Efficient Transportation of Fragile materials

One of the most complex parts of the company move is the transfer of fragile properties. We make use of our special vans and packaging materials to ensure that your properties are intact. In some cases, Fox Removals make warehouses available to customers. If you are moving valuable items, we recommend that you take out an insurance policy that can cover damage to people or objects during the move.

After the move, we take care of unpacking the items and storing everything as requested by the customer

Precautions for a Fremantle move

When you arrive in the new house, the best measure you can take is to change the lock on the entrance door. A Fremantle move is not an easy task, you have to consider many aspects and work hard to make everything work better. For example, choosing the company that will handle the transport, finding everything you need to make the move is a success, knowing how to pack your “stuff” or put everything in the new house.

What are the precautions to be taken in the event of a move in order to have greater security in the old and new home?

To load and unload faster, try to find a place to park near your home. The best way to do this is to park your car in that place and release it when the truck arrives. This measure will save you a lot of time. It is advisable to leave the neighbours of your old house with your new address or a telephone number where to contact you in order to receive the mail that will continue to arrive in the old house. In fact, the process of change always lasts a few more weeks. If the apartment is left to a real estate agency, you will have to leave your data to them too.

Once in the new home, the best measure you can take is to change the front door lock. In fact, you never know in which hands the old keys passed or if any of the previous owners may have lost them sometimes.

Assembly of the boxes

The first thing to do is to take a box and open it, fold the edges of the bottom (first the shortest and then the longest ones) and seal with two strips of adhesive tape, one of which is the length and the other for the width. Turn the box upside down, and it is ready to be filled. Place 1 cm of paper at the bottom of the cartons as a shock absorb-er.

Proceed in layers and when you finish one, fill in the blanks with curled newspaper and add more paper to get a flat base for the next layer.

Avoid overloading the container, but make sure the box is stable, and things do not move inside. The box must be closed gently, without forcing.

Seal the cardboard boxes with packing tape

After having filled and packed each box, number the contents on the front side of the box. It also indicates which room belongs in this way, when they arrive at their destination, the persons in charge can leave the boxes in their respective rooms.

Packaging of books

Take the box already assembled and place it near the bookcase, then take the books from the shelves starting from the largest and place them in the box, taking care to put the heavier ones on the bottom and the smaller and lighter ones at the top. Seal the boxes with adhesive tape and then write the box number and the room where the box will be placed.

Bottle packaging

The bottles, which are full, empty, half-full, can be wrapped, one by one, in the sheets of newspaper and placed upright in the box that must remain open. Here too, write the box number and the room in which the box will be placed.

Packaging of fragile items

For the boxes for fragile items on which the word “fragile” will be placed, the same procedure is used as for the bottles, only once filled they must be further protected by inserting a reinforcement that must be made to adhere perfectly to the internal walls so as to make them more rigid. Plates and glasses: Once the box is ready, place a number of plates and newspapers on a table.

Packaging of clothes

You can ask us for special containers to store clothes, leaving them with their clothes hangers by simply moving them from the cabinets to our containers, squeezing them as much as possible to make the most of the space but not enough to wrinkle them.

Packing of the paintings

Small pictures, prints, photos, and drawings can be packed one by one and collected in custom-made boxes. For the little ones, it is possible to make packages with the adhesive tape and put them in the same box. For larger paintings, use the bubble wrap instead. Seal everything with adhesive tape (if the picture has a front glass write on the tape with a felt-tip pen on the side where the word glass remains) 

For your Fremantle moves, you can contact Fox Removals. We have all the necessary experience and expertise to make your move a success.

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