How To Move Heavy Furniture

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Moving heavy items is a necessary task that everyone moving will have to face sooner or later. Whether you need to move the object inside your home or from one apartment to another it will be stressful if you decide to do it yourself. 

Fox Removals have collated the best tips and tricks on how to perform and prepare for a heavy move.

Let’s start off with the wardrobe as an example, almost everyone has one and more often than note these pieces are heavy and difficult to move.

What you need

  • Tools (to dismantle)
  • Shrinkwrap
  • Furniture padding
  • Tape, be wary of using on wooden surfaces)

Cabinets and lockers are a great place to pack extra sheets and pillows, once removing all the contents. This will serve as padding and will provide a large space for storing bulky and soft items as well as adding much more room to your moving vehicle.

Clear things

Remove everything from the heavy objects, pack all loose items separately, including shelves, if they are not fixed into the objects. If you don’t remove the shelves there could be the chance of damage during the move. 

Remove the doors 

It’s recommended that you consider removing doors to your shelves/wardrobes/cupboards, particularly if they have glass or mirror elements. If your wardrobe or closet has doors, remove the screws that secure the hinge, make sure you keep these parts in a plastic bag that can be kept for re-assembly when you arrive at your new home. 

Remove the drawers

If the cabinet or shelf has drawers, you don’t need to remove them unless you think they might come loose during the move or if they add too much weight. If you have drawers, you can keep some items in them as long as they’re not to heavy or fragile. Be sure to insert a pillow, towel, or blanket inside to prevent loose items from moving and potentially breaking.

Make sure the drawers and sealed shut

If you do not remove the doors or drawers, try tying or locking them or zip tying them shut. To protect the cabinet use an excess of moving padding so that it is properly sealed and secure against potential breakage. Another option is to buy shrink wrap from a moving store or office supply store, this will also do the trick

If you have removed doors or drawers, be sure to protect them adequately. Wrap the doors in the furniture padding or an old blanket. If the doors are glass, use a box and pack the doors like you would with artwork or a mirror. As an additional precaution wrap the furniture upholstery or covers around the unit. The sealing of the tape or string will hold them in place.

Items removed from the cabinet can be packed  into a box , make sure you label them correctly as “cabinet contents.”  This will make it much easier to unpack and identify where these items have been kept.

Use the right tools to move it

If you perform the move by yourself, you should use a mobile cart to make sure you can move the closet without harm or injury. Use ropes or elastic cords to secure the cabinet to the trolley, keeping it in a vertical position. If you have enough people to help, you might be able to lift it without a cart.

Extra suggestions

Do not use adhesive tape on furniture, even the adhesive tape will leave a residue, and if you move between different weather conditions the tape could dry out and could become a fixed accessory on your favourite piece of furniture!

Improper lifting of heavy objects can cause back injuries. Employees who wish to avoid injury from excessive effort or effort need to practice basic lifting techniques so that they can safely lift and carry heavy objects. While no activity is risk-free, with proper planning and training, the risk of heavy lifting injuries can be significantly reduced.

Organise yourself!

Try to set aside three months for the preparation of documents and the completion of all cases. Remember that part of the process depends on other people, and no one knows how long it takes them to process your papers.

In preparation for home removal in Perth, make sure you make all the necessary preparations to make your move a success. Get prior information before time. Make good research about the process to avoid problems. These procedures usually take a lot of time, sometimes for several weeks, and sometimes several months. The process takes time, but it is worth it because you will save yourself some stress.

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Evaluate the object before lifting

Before lifting an object consider how heavy it is, if you are not sure, try tilting to one side to see if you can easily be moved. Determine if you can safely lift it yourself, or if you need assistance. Make sure the object can be easily grasped; Irregularly shaped objects may require handles or straps for safe lifting.

Determine How to lift the object

Once the load is properly evaluated, it can be safely lifted. If the item is high up on a shelf a use a ladder to reach the object, rather than reaching over head or standing on a makeshift step. If the object is on the ground, stand in front of it bend your knees, keep a straight back and lift, make sure you power through your legs and have a sturdy grasp on your item.

Ask for Assistance

Ask for help while lifting a heavy object, it is safer to lift an object with a partner, a dolly, forklift, or a cart than to carry an object too heavy on your own. When using a cart or forklift, secure the item in place and push – not pull – the object to its destination.

Prepare the route

Whether you are carrying an item on your own, with a partner or with a cart, it is important to prepare the route before you begin. Make sure you have enough space around the object to lift safely. Determine which route to take when transporting the object and make sure there is enough space for it to pass though doors and hallways. Remove any dangers such as loose wires or furniture before proceeding.

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