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We will look into some steps and procedures involved in mattress removal. These tips will enable you to get a stress-free mattress removal.

Tips on Mattress Removal

Performing mattress removal could involve some tricky procedures. It could be stressful for house owners to perform this task. We exist to ensure that your removal projects are done without stress and hassles. With us, you are sure to take your Mattress clean and safe as you transport it from one location to the other. It may seem like a complicated process for the average man, but with professional services from experts like us, we will get the job done in a quick and neat manner.

Make a proper evaluation of your Mattress

This is very necessary for the Mattress moving process. You have to pay concentration to the age of the Mattress. If the mattress is old, you might consider replacing it. If it is still manageable, you can consider moving the old Mattress. The mattress moving process is not a difficult one. With a proper evaluation process, you will be sure of having a smooth mattress removal.

Put the size of the Mattress into consideration

It is a general view that big mattresses may bring about stress during the moving process. This is not always true. Let us take the queen size and split king size mattress as a case study. The king-size mattress is double and can be split into two parts. This will make for a smoother move. Unlike the queen size mattress that cannot be split.

Make sure you measure your bed, this will allow for the removal company to have adequate information before the move day!

Inform the company about the vehicle you need

You have to make good choices are regards the kind of vehicle to be used. Make sure you choose the appropriate vehicle to meet your needs. If you do not want to fold your mattress, make your removal company know, a good company will provide a long vehicle to meet the needs of their customers. If you own a king-size mattress, bear in mind that the most suitable vehicle for you is the moving truck. In cases where the moving truck is out of reach, we have other better options for you.

At Fox removals, we make provisions for different sizes of vehicles to ensure that the needs of our customers are met at every point in time. We will keep your materials secure and neat.

Ask your friends for help

Some mattresses might be too large to be handled by just you. You need help from friends and neighbors. To have a convenient move, you may need a hand, it will make the process faster and less stressful. It is best you inform them some weeks before the move date. You can as well go as far as organizing a small party after the moving process is done.

Dismantling your bed.

After removing your Mattress, the next step is to dismantle your bed frame. You can make use of the screwdriver, depending on your bed frame. The work might be tedious for just you and you may need the hand of professionals or friends, this may also reduce costs. Once you are ready to dismantle the frame, keep your sandwich bags beside you for the storage of screws.

Keep your blankets and wrap your frame carefully before taking them into the vehicle. Carefully wrapping your frames will prevent damages. Never make the mistake of putting your frame on your Mattress during the journey. Doing so will lead to damages. Once you unload the Mattress, make sure you disinfect the bed before sleeping on it.

With these tips, you can now pack, store, and clean your bed with less stress. We have a track record of delivering excellent services. Our testimonies speak for themselves.  You can become a part of our satisfied clients today.
Once you can follow our tips carefully, you will have a smoother move.  Go through our site for more exciting information about the office and home removals in Perth, Australia.

In summary, here are the steps involved in mattress removal;

  1. Buy a cover and bag for your Mattress
  2. Place the foam in the cover before putting it in the bag
  3. Clear your space by removing all obstructions from the way. Open the door for full passage.
  4. Invite a friend to assist you in the mattress removal process.
  5. Take the Mattress into the vehicle.
  6. Load the Mattress into the moving vehicle and use the moving straps to secure the Mattress
  7. Follow these steps and your removal will be hassle-free. You will be happy to tell the testimony.

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We booked Dan and the team to relocate us to Perth. I must say i was extremely impressed with their professionalism. Very polite and well presented. They handled everything with best of care and made it a stress free experience. I highly recommend them and will definitely be using them on the next move
Ben Lockley
Ben Lockley
02:00 27 Mar 19
Steve and Michael were extremely professional and did an excellent job. Not one broken item, no scratches and all walls intact! They were very pleasant during the whole process and asked if there was anything else we needed before they left! It was a very hot day and the job was completed efficiently and with no fuss. I would absolutely recommend these guys for your next move. I've used other companies before but Steve and Michael were by far the best and did an outstanding job!
Loraine Scholten
Loraine Scholten
00:28 20 Dec 19
Fast, efficient and on the ball! The guys at Fox know exactly what they are doing and the best way to go about getting your stuff from A to B safely! I cannot recommend Fox Removals enough, thank you so much for all your help, you are now my Go-To!!
Cassy Walker
Cassy Walker
07:50 04 Apr 19
Would highly recommend Fox Removals to anyone. Daniel and Travis were really professional, and a pleasure to deal with. They were friendly and great to chat to. In regards to the move, the guys had everything imaginable to ensure for a smooth and damage free move. They even took apart furniture at one end and rebuilt it at the other and made sure everything was set up in its rightful place ready to go. Would 10 out of 10 work with these guys again.
Aaron Bryant
Aaron Bryant
06:04 12 Aug 19
They were very professional from the start! They provided us with free boxes and delivered all the supplies so we could pack our belongings. The crew that arrived on moving day were polite, kind and looked after our vintage furniture with great care! Moving couldn’t have been any easier. 10/10 thanks guys.
Richard Chandler
Richard Chandler
06:07 14 Jun 19

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