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Extra Notes:

We take the hassle of moving Homes in Perth – so life can return to normal faster.

Fox Removals can supply all the materials necessary for the packaging of any household goods, packages, and furnishings.

Some products we supply include: Boxes of different types and sizes, adhesive tapes, clothes-hanging trunks, reels of special material for adequate protection of fragile and furnishings, and much more.

All our materials allow accurate and perfect packaging of all the goods to be moved, thereby making transportation easy and above all, safe.

Fox Removals turns its experience and its commitment to the offer of various services that guarantees customers maximum peace of mind and satisfaction. Fox Removals will help you transform the potentially stressful situation relating to the management of a move into a positive, serene experience with the best value for money.

An efficient and organised home removal services

Aside from the provision of excellent packaging services, Fox Removals offers a free inspection of the furniture to be moved, estimate the amount of packaging to be used, the routes, the possibility of positioning lifting platforms, and any particularity since every move has specific characteristics.

The service of Fox Removals involves the supply of the necessary packaging material, the disassembly of all the furniture (cabinets, bookcases, kitchens, equipped walls), and the careful packaging of household goods and personal effects. Fox Removals proceeds with the request of the permits for parking vehicles at the relevant authorities, the positioning of the relevant road signs, the supply, and the use of ladders for reaching the highest floors.

Transportation is carried out using our fleet of vehicles, which we select based on the type and needs of each move. At the time of delivery, the work teams provide for unpacking, reassembling all previously dismantled furnishings, arranging all your properties, removing and disposing of the packaging material used. Fox Removals also specialises in moving pianos.

Our formula of “home moving” in just a few steps:

  • Supply of the necessary packaging material
  • Careful packaging of household goods and personal effects
  • Disassembly of all furniture (cabinets, bookcases, kitchens, wall units)
  • Wrapping of all the furnishings or – on request – only surfaces at greater risk
  • Request for permits for parking vehicles and the operation, when necessary, of lifting platforms
  • Positioning of the relative road signs
  • Supply and use of trucks and ladder trucks to reach the highest floors
  • Unpacking and reassembling all previously dismantled furnishings
  • Accommodation of all effects
  • Removal of all used equipment and disposal of used packaging material

Packaging tips for dishes

It is recommended that the packaging materials should be made of bubble wrap and placed in the box vertically, as this results in greater impact resistance. It is recommended that the gaps still be filled with paper to strengthen the contents and prevent them from breakage.

Tips for packing bowls

They must be wrapped with bubble wrap and standing. Finally, with a pen and large letters, write the word “Fragile” on the different sides of the boxes and the stacking direction.

Tips for using adhesive tape to seal the boxes

Never use directly on furniture because they can cause damage to the furniture.

Tips for taking clothes

It is interesting to keep them in large garbage bags and the most delicate clothes in special boxes with suspension rods.


It is better to move them wrapped in blankets and tied with ropes.

If you don’t want to be stressed, ask us for a quote, and leave everything in our hands.

40 – 60 days before removal

Request an inspection by one of our representatives with whom you can evaluate your needs and consequently formulate various hypotheses for estimates:

  • Estimate for packing of furniture contents.
  • Disassembly estimate.
  • Moving estimate.
  • Assembly estimate.
  • Estimated disposal in landfills.
  • Estimate for emptying boxes with the relocation of the material inside the furniture.
  • Estimate for mobile modifications.
  • Rental estimate for a truck crane/ladder truck.
  • Budget for a flat-rate move.

20 – 30 days before the removal

We suggest making a selection of what you do not wish to bring to the new site. This will allow you to understand if you will be able to proceed independently with the packaging operations or if the help of our staff will be necessary.

PAY ATTENTION as the packaging operations can be sources of great discomfort, as the contents of the furniture -once boxed – will double the volume of the furniture.

Ask for the packing materials in case you want to do it yourself. Draw up the contract and choose the operations to be performed by the company. During the packing, write the contents and the room where it will be placed on each box. Study where the furniture will be placed and check the measurements. If you need to work in condominium spaces, communicate the date of the move to the condominium administrator.

4 – 5 days before the removal

The last things will remain to be packed. Prepare the “survival kit” that you will need at the end of the removal operations to resume your most urgent activities as soon as possible. Coordinate with a plumber or electrician for any connections to the new premises. Have the cleaning done at the new location.

During the move

Your presence is required during all operations to collaborate with our men. At the end of the move, check to see if everything that has been transported. Arriving at the new premises gives directions on the positioning of the furniture. Once the furniture has been unloaded and assembled, check with the foreman all the operations performed. Draw up the final report with the foreman, pointing out your possible comments.

After the move

After the move, you could be contacted by our Customer Care office, who will ask you to be ready to complete the Satisfaction Questionnaire. It will thus be possible for us to know your opinions and suggestions, which we believe to be the most valuable aid to our continuous search for improvement in service quality.

What is the cost of a calculated move?

The considerations to be considered in evaluating the cost of a movement include the following: 

  • The conditions and transportation requirements of the objects. 
  • The square meters of housing. 
  • The size of the objects.
  • If it has to be disassembled and mounted. 
  • If you have to pack or not. 
  • The number of people needed to make the move. 
  • The accessibility of the property (no or no lifts).

Compare prices and services

Keep in mind that there are many removalist companies and many prices as well. Hold and analyse all budgets and remember that sometimes you pay. Recommendations to make this easier. 

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