Preparing for Your Home Removal.

Prepare to move

Preparing for a house removal is exciting because you start a new chapter in a different environment, in a new home. The beginning of the adventure, however, coincides with the transporting all your belongings to your new home. Removals require care, attention, and above all, planning! This is a necessity. You don’t have to worry or even threat, but it is a good idea to dedicate some time and plan your move.

Here is some advice you can be more effective and efficient in the preparation of the move.

  1. Clean up, eliminating everything that is no longer needed. You will have to go through each object and decide whether to take it with you to the new home or not. The reasons for doing this are usually due to the lack of space in the new home.
  2. Prepare boxes for storing books, clothes, linen, and objects. Try to do it a little at a time by planning the time to spend. It will take a few weeks. Take boxes in supermarkets and shops, so you won’t have to pay for them, but select them, because they must be in good condition and must also not be very large. Take them in good quantity, because you will realize that you can never have enough; mark the boxes using suitable labels, so you will know what they contain and what are the destination rooms in the new house;
  3. Make sure that the connections in the new house have been completed so as to avoid electricity and water problems.

How to do it Yourself

The DIY move: how to do it?

If you decide to transfer furniture and objects on your own, be careful to work with the steps below as best as possible, organizing the transport well in advance and perhaps consulting some friends who can help you carry the boxes.

  1. Get a rental van: book early to ensure that you can find an available van. Before choosing the agency and vehicle, compare the prices between the various car rental agencies, and check the type of vehicles offered. Learn about the periods when the vans are most in-demand, so as to avoid excessive charges.
  2. Optimise the usage time of the van: go to pick up the vehicle in the morning of the day you want to move, so as to take advantage of every minute, arriving at the renter’s office in advance, so you won’t have to wait in line with other customers.
  3. With precise planning, you will have no problem loading furniture and boxes on the van; you will know with which order to proceed to be facilitated in your new home.
  4. Drive calmly. use the utmost caution to safeguard the load.
  5. Load furniture and boxes carefully and bring them to the special room prepared for them, stacking them in a specific part of the room, so it will be easier to assemble.
  6. Return the van to the renter at the set date and time.

Do-it-yourself removals can save you money, but removals companies are insured for any breakages and losses, you can also choose to rely on professionals.

The economic move to Perth: select the right company

Transferring furniture and boxes to the new home is an important task, but above all, it can reserve some nasty surprises. There may be some minor damages to furniture and objects that cannot be remedied. Contacting a removal company does not necessarily mean having to incur high costs. Especially when professionals have experience and are insured. They can compensate for any damage that occurred during the transportation period. How do you proceed to find the mover that best suits your needs? Here are some useful tips prepared by experts from the industry.

  1. Search for the company by examining their offers, never stop at the first advertisement, check the company’s website, search for references and reviews. If all looks good contact the office to get a quote. Ask the company to send an employee to do an inspection, so you can account for the work to be done and prepare a more accurate cost estimate. You must be sure that the company contacted takes care of the task received without entrusting it to third parties. The choice must fall on a company that must have been on the market for some quality years, so as to guarantee the experience. Also, check the insurance coverage, normally mentioned in the quote. If they are not indicated, do not hesitate to ask.
  2. Choose the date keeping in mind that there are periods, such as summer, in which there is less demand, and therefore you can get discounts on rates.
  3. During the move, be present and travel with the workers, there is no need to micro manage but your presence will ensure that the process is proceeding smoothly and to your standards.

The characteristics of a good removal company

To help you make a better choice, professionals have indicated what elements a serious removal company offers.

  1. Insurance coverage is a legal obligation, but there are additional optional guarantees or extensions that allow more  warranties at every stage of the move.
  2. The employees should be trained to perform all operations with the utmost care and are able to manage any furniture, appliance, and object, regardless of weight and size.
  3. They should be able to provide customer assistance in every moment of the transfer of the property. The staff must check your satisfaction and comfort when the move has taken place.
  4. The budget, the contract, and the agreements should be clear and transparent to make you know exactly every aspect of the assignment.
  5. Punctuality is one of the main features because it allows you to have the staff available on the day and time for which you requested the service.

If you want to find a company that offers you an economical move in Perth, you have to put the price in relation to the services provided, considering that in addition to the insurance to safeguard furniture and objects, you will have someone ready to take care of the job for you. The experience of employees will also speed up the move. Fox Removals is the company you can trust anytime and any day.

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Great experience! Dan and Travis were wonderful and our move went swiftly. They came overprepared and had everything we could possibly need to get the job done. Best bang for your buck!
David Tjomsland
David Tjomsland
02:08 05 Jan 19
Good price and set us up quickly, and moved all our gear safely as well. Keep up the good work and you'll get more people coming back. I was referred by Vii Le and it was a good referral, glad I made the choice.
David Nguyen
David Nguyen
10:25 30 Oct 19
Steve and Scott were faultless through the move. Everything was moved with care and the boys really went the extra mile to help us with our move. The team never slowed despite the heat and nothing was too much effort. Highly recommend! Thanks guys
Shev D
Shev D
10:55 22 Dec 19
Arranged office relocation with Daniel from Fox and agreed a date and time with Travis. Daniel, Travis and 2 others arrived spot on time and were brilliant. Removal took 1 and a half days (which was the amount expected), with three truck runs and everything was done as quoted. The great thing with these guys is they don’t require constant supervision. They get the frustration of moving and go out of their way to make it easier. They stacked items in the new location professionally and handled everything asked of them including have to move the same item to different locations at times and rebuild desks and furniture. Very happy that I chose Fox and couldn’t be happier with the end result. Definitely recommend these guys fro any short and will use them again if I move house. Thanks Daniel, Travis and crew.
Gareth Thomas
Gareth Thomas
09:57 15 Sep 19
A big thanks to Dan and his team, very professional they even disassembled our furniture and carefully bubble wrap picture frames as well as other furniture to protect them in storage. Highly recommend the boysMade me move a breeze
Leo Vinci
Leo Vinci
05:15 15 Jun 19

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