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We take the hassle of moving Offices in Perth – so life can return to normal faster.


Moving is always a stressful event in any situation. Performing an office move is more stressful when compared with home removals. Employers need to pay attention to some important responsibilities and precautions to avoid confusion while moving various documents and archives present.
This is why it is essential to know where to start and follow a precise work program to avoid the loss of important documents. Follow our guide to get the most effective advice to best organize your office move. Relying on a competent office removal company is essential to guarantee the success of this process.
Fox removals have a wealth of experience; we can offer you professional assistance for your move. You do not have to worry about anything, just concentrate on giving us detailed information about how you want the removal process to be, and we will take care of the rest. You should keep in mind that a good move does takes time.

Before taking action, you need to plan all the steps to avoid being confused later carefully.

Write a list of things to do, thinking carefully about every item and detail that needs to be moved.
Entrust each employee with a job; for example, everyone could think of their workstation, both in terms of personal things in the office and the documents they are working on;
Organize the new office well, to ensure that all of the existing furniture has adequate space. Once you have brought all the boxes, you can quickly rearrange the contents and be able to resume work without interruptions.
The greatest risk when individuals face in the transfer of a sales office is work delays. It is difficult to meet all commitments and meet deadlines, and at the same time to think about packing and cataloging all the documents present.


To avoid misunderstandings, it is essential, that all the staffs commit in assisting in the office move. If possible, delegate the jobs to them, so you have time to check the progress of the work.
Ask each employee to create an inventory, both of the objects and tools they uses, and of the folders and documents he is working on. This is the ideal time to take a very important action: throw away the things that are no longer needed and renew the obsolete ones.
Only when the office is moved, do we notice how much useless and now unusable material has been stored on the shelves over time. To lighten the load of things to move and transfer to the new location, get rid of everything not essential, rearrange the drawers, and don’t be afraid to throw away what you don’t need.
If there are things you are not sure of, you can store them in some well-marked boxes. Doing this make set up in the new office a breeze.

The same applies to work equipment. Old appliances, malfunctioning photocopiers, ruined, and worn stationery: it’s time to change.
Think about what you’ll need in the new location, and get ready for everything to be ready for your arrival.

There are many things to evaluate in the new venue.

First of all, space. Is the new office bigger than the old one? How to manage the spaces to begin optimal work immediately? These are the first questions to ask when setting foot in the designated place.

Moving an office does not only involve the transfer of objects from one place to another. It is a complex process, which requires good mental commitment. Your new office will have to welcome you and your employees for years; it is essential that everything works well from the start.

Take measurements, make tests and maybe sketches, to understand where to place the furniture, the desks, and the various workstations. The bigger the spaces, the better you’ll find yourself working in a convenient environment.

One factor to take into consideration immediately is the electrical system: the distribution of power outlets and lighting can condition you during the relocation of the objects.

You can’t afford to arrive when replacing electrical appliances and then realizing that you don’t have enough sockets. This is where the assistance from Fox removals become invaluable. Our technicians have a great experience in the field and will be able to give you all the most useful indications to assist you during the whole process.


To carry out an optimal move of your office, estimate your work on the weekend.

With a little effort from everyone, the operation will be much easier. You’ll find yourself starting the workweek in the new location, minimizing inefficiencies and delays, without interrupting work, and above all, without wasting time.

Remember to notify all customers and suppliers beforehand of the change of address and the day from which you will be active in the new location. Write lists of e-mails and numbers to forward the message to and check that you don’t forget anyone.

At this point, you can start the actual removal operations. You will need a large number of boxes, duct tape, and markers.

Divide the material into categories and divide them into boxes by marking them in a recognizable way:

Use different color labels for all kinds of items, such as stationery, personal documents, books, etc.
Write on several sides of the box what it contains;

Attach a list of the contents, so as to quickly find a specific object, without rummaging in each box.


Now that you have everything ready and your employees are already tidying up the new office, all you have to do is close to the old one. Take the time for a final, accurate check. Also, in this case, it is useful to write yourself a list of things to do: the confusion and the tiredness of moving your office could make you forget something.

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