Tips on Office Desk Removal.

Are you looking for tips on office desk removal? You are definitely in the right place, Fox removals has got you covered! We are here to help. We are the company you can trust, we have been serving a long list of customers over the years, and they are very satisfied with the quality of our service. You can refer to the following tips for your pain free and smooth desk removal:
First, prepare the tools: a word, a Phillips screwdriver, pliers, gloves. Then:

  1. Before removing the screen desk, first check that the desk is has no damage or scratches. Make relevant records to prevent a repetition of the process.
  2. Observe the structure of the screen desk before you disassemble the structure, clarify the disassembly sequence, and prevent damage to the parts during disassembly.
  3. The order of disassembly are usually as follows; cabinet door – upper cover and bottom plate – side panel – internal partition. But if you want to move it to a new position or move to another office, we don’t have to completely dissemble the desk, dependent on circumstance

Screen Desk Assembly:

  • First, remove the screen on the desktop; you can see that there are several screws under the desktop, which are removed separately. Usually, the screen will be buckled; do not carry out the process carelessly to prevent the buckle from breaking. Of course, you should also pay attention to the screen glass.
  • After the first stage, arrange the drawers according to the structure of the screen desk.
  • Then remove the baffle and fix it.
  • Finally, the screen desk is divided into a large number of parts, which can be moved.

Note: If the screen desk is abandoned and is not intended for reuse, further disassembly is required. Separate the majority of the side panels and inner partitions in sequence.

Finally, keep the removed screws, nuts, and furniture accessories in a seal-able bag to prevent loss.

Why use Fox removals

Carrying out an office transfer is quite a difficult task! It could lead to the loss of important documents or the leakage of information that could be highly damaging to the company. Fox Removals is made up of a team of trusted operators that guarantees that your documents will remain confidential . Each of our staff will devote himself to a specific task such as that of sanitizing all materials and vehicles. Each piece of equipment will be carefully packed in custom-made boxes, and documentation and files will be expertly cataloged by moving them from the archives where they will be returned once they arrive at their new destination.

There will be no use for condominium lifts and in no case, the inhabitants of the building will be disturbed. Thanks to the aerial platforms, the company is also able to transport safes and workshop machinery to the new location, with clearance and final cleaning of the environment that is about to be left.

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Fox Removals: we are specialists in this industry, with equipment to match, including an adaptive fleet of vehicles and machinery which allows for us to cater for simple moves to more complex and larger moves.

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As our operations continue to increase we will continue to abide by our mission and vision to be the most prepared, careful, qualified and trustworthy company in Perth. An effort which has been greatly appreciated by our previous customers, who continue to testify  and share their positive experiences with us. The continued positive reviews and word of mouth has seen us become well respected and established in our industry.

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Excellent services. Arrived on time, they were very careful, hard working and they charge reasonable. I didn't have any lose or broken boxes.
Roland Ryan
Roland Ryan
12:31 28 Oct 19
Excellent team, Dan came prior to packing our container to assess the load and to provide advice which was very helpful. On the moving day they arrived promptly and did an amazing job packing the container. Polite, friendly, efficient - couldn't ask for a better service. Thank you!
Caroline Adams
Caroline Adams
03:35 10 Jul 19
I looked at the existing reviews to book Fox Removals. And I agree with everything said. Fast, professional affordable service. 3 days notice. One end of city to the other with around 60 X 104litre cartons. A ride in the truck on the way with a stop over at another address to collect furniture. Then offl at an apartment building with lift access. These guys were quick and friendly. I had such a good time, wish I could move all the time. Thank you Travis and Dan.
Sonia Davis
Sonia Davis
07:16 12 May 19
excellent team work. thanks for moving our things. worth every minute for an easy move. thanks for referring us vii
Triquach Ngoc
Triquach Ngoc
12:30 05 Nov 19
Dan and Scott did an awesome and very professional job. Having moved 6 times in the last 10 years I can say that Fox are by far the best removalists we have dealt with. They made a stressful process smooth and the move was done on time and safely with extra jobs done on a hot day. Thanks for your communication and spot on service. Thoroughly recommended!!!
Fiona Harrowing
Fiona Harrowing
09:16 07 Dec 19

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