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Moving to Claremont with your pets

Located in the inner city, Claremont is perfectly positioned close to Perth’s major employment, education and recreation facilities. With Swan River nearby and well-maintained parks, moving here is an excellent choice for you and your furry friends.
Moving on its own can be a daunting task, but when it comes to moving with your pets, you need to consider a few extra things before the big day.

Prepare in advance

Decide whether you’re going to pack and organise your move on your own or will hire a professional removalist. When choosing the right removalist, take into consideration their online reviews, experience in Claremont, and how reliable they are. Once you obtain a quote and organise the day of the move, decide where all your belonging will be stored once packed. It is best to put all the boxes in a single room if you have a dog, to make sure your dog doesn’t chew or damage any of the items.

When it comes to your pet’s essentials, pack them in a separate bag, so you have access to them at any time. To keep your pets happy consider including their favourite toys, treats, pet food, poop bags, leash, and water bowls. You can also put aside a crate, cat carrier or doggy gate in the instance you need to use any of them. At Fox Removals, we provide a 5-star luxury removals service to all of our clients. We can help you pack all your belongings and move them safely in consideration of you and your pets.

Find a new veterinarian

Look for vet clinics before the moving date. There are plenty of veterinary services to choose from in Claremont and surrounding suburbs. Visit your current vet, and they will provide you with a copy of medical records for your pet, they may even suggest a new veterinarian they know in Claremont.

Organise moving day essentials

To keep your pet safe on a moving day, consider keeping them in a crate or installing a doggy gate in an allocated area. Ensure your pet has a collar on with up-to-date contact details in case they manage to slip outside. Fox Removals highly trained professionals have extensive experience not only when it comes to taking care of your goods, but also being careful around your pets to secure their safety.

Things to consider after the move

Once you move, have a plan in mind for your pets to settle into a new environment. Organise a fixed place in your new home for food and water, litter tray and their bed. You can also introduce them to the new house slowly, starting from one room where you can place all their favourite toys, and slowly building up until they are familiar with the new environment. With Claremont having many parks on offer, you can take your pets on daily walks and fun activities, which will help reduce their anxiety.

We know that moving can be stressful, and we at Fox removals are here to help reduce it by helping you with the entirety of the moving process. It will allow you to concentrate on taking care of your pets during the move.

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