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Top Tips to Help you Choose a Trustworthy Removalist in Floreat

Floreat is situated approximately 8km from Perth City. This upper-class suburban area is known for its lush greenery, close shopping centres and highly regarded schools nearby. It is a great place to raise a family or retire comfortably.
Moving house can be described as exciting, emotional, stressful and draining- just to name a few! It is a transitional time for everyone involved and can represent a new chapter in one’s life. Many dread the prospect of relocating.

Tips and tricks to keep your belongings protected

When you begin the packing process it is important to remember that each item will require space during the move and at your new home. Take this time to clear out any old items that you no longer use or wear and donate where possible. There are many different methods that people use when packing their clothing and household goods. Some common methods include:

  • Rolling your clothing rather than folding. This saves space and can offer cushioning inside boxes for fragile items.
  • Wrapping a garbage bag around clothing on coat hangers. This allows you to keep each item hanging together, meaning that when you arrive at your new home it is as easy as hanging your clothes and removing the bag. No additional ironing required!
  • Some people choose to leave their drawers full of clothes and secure the compartments. We don’t usually recommend this as the drawers are unnecessarily heavy and if they become unstuck it is an instant hazard for your family and the removal staff.
  • Put fitted sheets, bedsheets and the matching pillowcase inside of the other pillowcase. This keeps each set together and is visually easy to pick the right set of sheets out of a cupboard when you are moved in.
  • Take photos of cords and how/where they are plugged into. This ensures a stress-free reassembly at your new home.
  • Secure loose cords to corresponding technology with tape so that you know which cord is for which device.
  • Don’t water your plants for at least 24 hours before your move and throw away any broken or deteriorating pots as they may fall apart causing a mess during transit.
  • Take advantage of additional services- at Fox Removals we offer a dismantling and reassembly service for your furniture.
  • Store books in suitcases. Books are generally heavy and when storing multiple in a box, the box can become weak and break. Popping them into your suitcase on wheels ensures safe delivery while removing the need for someone to do some heavy lifting!
  • Wrap photo frames in soft clothing and add cardboard protection in between each item. Clearly mark the box as fragile or even use a different coloured box altogether for your fragile items.
  • Keep household liquids and toiletries separated from your other items to protect from leakage.

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