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Top Tips to Help you Choose a Trustworthy Removalist in Osborne Park

Osborne Park has a variety of dining options available, as well as parks and reserves. It is conveniently located close to Karrinyup Shopping Centre, which contributes to Osborne Park being a great choice for your new home.
If you are looking to move to Osborne Park, but have a lot on your plate, you can consider hiring a professional removalist to do all the heavy lifting for you. At Fox Removals, we offer various options for your move, depending on your needs.
We offer anything from handling your most valuable belongings to disassembling and reassembling furniture.
Although a removalist can take care of the majority of things on a moving day, it is essential to plan ahead and prepare yourself for any scenario.

Protecting your plants

If you have plants, they require extra planning before moving to make sure they stay healthy and have a smoother transition to the new environment.

You can start a few weeks ahead with giving your plants a good prune by removing all dead leaves, flowers and branches. Closer to the moving date, carefully dust the foliage and give them plant food. Continue watering your plants as usual, but keep in mind that watering them the day before your move is not ideal, as it makes the pots a lot heaving and the water may leak and damage other belongings.

Follow this rule, unless you are moving in summer and it’s a hot day, then make sure your plants have enough water to keep them comfortable. It is also a great idea to re-pot them in plastic pots, which is a lot easier to transport. When packing, wrap your larger plants to avoid damage and place them in boxes, securing them with paper around the base.

Moving with pets

When moving with pets, they require even more planning and care than your plants, so it is vital to prepare everything you need before the day of the move.

Organise a bag with all the essentials your pet will need during and after the move. Make sure you include enough food and litter, as well as their favourite toys and any grooming tools you may require after the move. If you are moving to a new area, get all records and prescriptions ready from your vet. During the move, it is better to keep your pet away from all the action in a quiet place.

Ideally, it is recommended to leave them with friends or in a kennel, but clearing one room with a comfortable temperature where your pet can wait for the removalists to load the truck works as well. Make sure your pets have enough water and that you check on them regularly. Lastly, take your pet in your vehicle during the move. That way they will feel the safest and think they are going on the most exciting adventure with you.

Regardless of your responsibilities, Fox Removals has highly trained professionals who can help you get to your new home hassle-free. At Fox Removals, we offer luxury removalist services for Perth residents and have extensive knowledge around Osborne Park area.

If you need a reliable removalist, contact Fox Removals now!

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