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Top Tips to Help you Choose a Trustworthy Removalist in Quinns Rocks

Quinns Rocks is a coastal suburb that is situated approximately 40 kilometres from Perth City. Quinns Rocks features local shopping facilities, restaurants and cafes and the very treasured Quinns Beach.
Quinns Beach spans the western boundary of the suburb and features many family barbeque and park areas and it is a popular area among locals for sunset walks along the shore.

Moving house is a riveting time in life. Finding a new home, letting go of your old home and the memories attached and finally making the move can be a very emotional time.

It is a huge adjustment for the entire family and it can be quite stressful.

Fox removals aim to dissipate as much stress as possible for you and your family, taking the weight off your shoulders (figuratively and literally!)

Our team are highly skilled, police cleared and are ready to take on even the most difficult furniture moves. We have navigated multistorey homes with large items such as pianos, gym sets, aquarium tanks and pool tables.

Your valuable and cherished items are safe in our hands.

We understand the careful navigation needed to transport old and antique furniture while ensuring that no damage occurs. We use specialised equipment to help us with this task. Starting to pack your house up can be a daunting task. Keep in mind, we offer a packing service, packing supplies at a fantastic price and a furniture dismantling/reassembly service too. We have compiled some tips below to help you begin packing.

How to pack important items

  • Wrap fragile items in cushioned clothing like jumpers.
  • Alike, wrap fragile items in towels and bedsheets.
  • For photo frames we recommend that you use bubble wrap, cardboard taped on each side for extra protection and place them into a cushioned box. This will make the items more shock proof and sturdy.
  •  Clearly mark boxes as FRAGILE so that you and the team know to be extra cautious.
  • Lay your necklaces out on a flat surface like a chopping board and secure with tape to decrease the chance of tangling in transit
  • Don’t water pot plants for approximately 24 hours before transit and check pots for cracks and damage. The water makes the soil denser which results in each pot being heavier to transport.
  • Put your hanging clothes inside bin bags. This means that you don’t need to remove them, transport, iron or re-hang upon arrival at your new home.
  • Pack toiletries separately to your other items to prevent leakage and spillage.
  • Pack heavy items in rolling suitcases for easy transport
  • Attach cords to relevant technology with tape so that you know which device each cord corresponds to.
  • Photograph cords in your televisions and computers to see how to reconnect easily
  • Pack a day bag with necessary items like water bottles, snacks, phone charger, any medication needed, and your pyjamas. That way you can head to bed after the move without having to rummage through your boxes.

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