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Top Tips to Help you Choose a Trustworthy Removalist in Cottesloe

Sorrento is a stunning beachside suburb. The suburban coastal lifestyle is enticing and desirable to all. Whether you want to soak up the sun on the sand, go for a quick dip or enjoy a coastline stroll, this suburb is perfect for all.
There are quaint coffee shops and many restaurants along the walk that also have family barbeque areas and picnic spots. The housing can be described as suburban luxury and is well known for its affluent crowd.

Starting fresh

Moving house can be a huge adjustment for your entire family and even your pets! Relocating can be the chance to start again and to create and life the life that you have always wanted. While is can be an anxious time, you need to channel your excitement and use it to your advantage. Pre-planning and good organisational skills are the key to success regarding your move.

Finding a great removal company

Finding and securing a reliable Removal company should be of utmost priority. Fox Removals have over 25 years of experience helping the people of Perth relocate. We offer packing services and specialise in transporting luxury items. Whether you need us to move your aquarium, piano or gym set, we’ve got you sorted. We have extensive knowledge of Sorrento and can navigate the roads with ease. Our 5-star reviews confirm that we are Perth’s most trusted removal company. We aim to give you value for money, and to dissipate the stress stemming from your relocation.

Making the move comfortable for your kids

Change can affect children very differently depending on their age. You need to prioritise open communication with your children and make sure they understand that although they have to say goodbye to their old home they get to live in a new home! Try to speak positively about your move. Children are very easily influenced and the last thing you need is the extra stress from your little one being upset. Be sure to pack them a small bag including comforting items like their favourite stuffed toy, a little blanket or their favourite book. Pack any immediate supplies that the children will require when arriving at the house.

We suggest a water bottle, some snacks, pyjamas and toiletries. To keep them entertained, make some colouring in packs or give them access to movies on your phone or tablet. If you can, ask a family member, friend or sitter to watch your children on the day that you move. If that isn’t possible, prepare a room in the new home for them to relax in while the removalists enter and exit your property. This ensures that they are kept away from dangerous tools and equipment.

Considering your 4-legged friends

Pets can also sense unfamiliar territory and may show signs of anxiety too. We recommend taking your pet to the property prior to the move in day to let then sniff the areas surrounding the house. That way when they return, they will sense the familiar smell.

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