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Top Tips to Help you Choose a Trustworthy Removalist in Swanbourne

Swanbourne is a coastal suburb that is situated 10km from Perth CBD. This suburb is considered upper class and is commended for being safe and family-friendly. It is close to the beach and gives the perfect suburban urban balance.
Hiring a Perth removal service to assist with your relocation can ease any stress or anxiety you may be feeling.

Using a removal company when only moving locally

Are you relocating to a property near your current home? Are you considering making a move yourself? Let’s unpack your options. Making a move to a new home can be time-consuming and stress-inducing. Regardless of the new location, you move to, you still need to pack up the entire contents of your home, store them safely for transit and unpack them for your new space. Luckily, the transit time between homes will be short and breezy.

This means that your move day will be time-efficient and you can get started faster on the important things. Relying on a removal company means that your large scale and fragile items will be safe. A luxury removal company has dedicated equipment to move heavy and awkward items. This is the safest option for you and your items. Staff are highly trained on safety, and comprehensive insurance covers your belongings.

Easy packing tips

Colour coordinate your boxes. For instance, use a green label to represent the kitchen space, blue for bathrooms etc. Ask your removalists to place each colour coordinated box in the correct corresponding room at the new house. Clearly label each box in permanent marker to state the main contents, this will make it easier when the boxes are stacked up so that you can easily grab the box containing the item you need.

Another process people tend to use is giving each box a star rating of importance. 5-star boxes need to be unpacked first as a priority whereas 1-star boxes can be left to a more convenient time. Remember to tape the bottom of the boxes and don’t overfill, the last thing you want is your possessions sprawled on the floor due to weak packing. Fox Removals can supply sturdy boxes and reliable tape when needed.

Take photos of any cables attached to your devices so that you can easily re-plug them in the correct spot at your new home. Tape loose cables to the product they belong to, this will prevent a tangled mess. Utilise any suitcases (especially the ones on wheels) by filling them with heavy books or important paperwork. Another frequently forgotten tip: don’t water your plants the day before your move. A wet plant is a heavy plant and can also create a big mess if any soil spills over.

Lastly, set up any bedding first. At the end of your move day, you are sure to be exhausted. Coordinating the placement of boxes and finding important items can become overwhelming. Moving the items from one house to another should be the hardest job. You want to be able to roll into bed at the end of the day without having to stay up all night trying to put it together. Did you know that Fox Removals can help with reassembling your furniture? Small extra services like this are a must when choosing the best removal service to use.

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