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We take the hassle of moving Pool tables – so life can return to normal faster.

A pool table provides fun for the whole family, but may provide some headaches coming moving day. A standard pool table can weigh from 130 to 400 kg, and moving a load of this type requires a lot of help. We always recommend relying on experts in clearing and moving, but if you want to do it yourself, here are some suggestions. Do you want to move your pool table? You’re in the right place! This is one of the less common problems for those who have to change homes or offices, but is can be an issue none the less. The pool table is almost a staple in many Australian households. Plans must be done in advance if you have a pool table at home because it is certainly one of the most difficult objects to move. Many people are worried about moving a pool table, this is because it is usually a painstaking process. With poor planning, the pool table removal process will be unnecessarily stressful.

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We will look quickly into the simple steps that can be taken to ensure a smooth Pool table removal. To make this item transportable in the best possible way, avoiding unnecessary efforts, you must consider disassembly. A pool table is very heavy because it is made of solid wood, but it is also easy to move when you take it out:

  • The outer edges.
  • The banks and the holes.
  • The green cloth.
  • Slate slabs.
  • The table legs.

The frame remains. You must take caution not to avoid complicating the reassembly process. The real problem also lies in the fact that this object is particularly delicate: the wood must not be scratched, and the slate slabs, the slate rock, is a fragile material but at the same time, heavy. So it is very important to transport this section as gently as possible.

Why choose Fox Removals as your Perth Removalists

Our careful movers are committed to always doing a fantastic job, so you can be rest assured that with you’re working with the Fox, you’re working with the best removalists who promise your items will be delivered safely. Enjoy a stress-free experience during all stages of the relocation process. Here are the top 10 reasons our clients choose to work with us again and again:

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If you’re looking for a house, office or furniture removals company, there are so many reasons why you should choose Fox Removals. Our Perth removalist company also offers a packing service and storage services. We can supply packing materials along with our comprehensive range of removal services (including interstate removals) promoted on this website.

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Things to consider beforehand?

Before thinking of moving the object, you must clear the spaces around the pool table and list all the steps necessary to get the billiard table out of the space in which it is located. Sometimes the “pool room” and the areas in which they play are narrow, bulky, full of boxes, or with narrow accesses. This is not always the case, but this evaluation is essential to simplify transport. If the pool table is in a space on the ground floor, it can be dismantled and transported; everything becomes more difficult if you have to face a staircase. Remember to remove everything that could be a hindrance to the work of porters and workers who have to work. Pack all the billiard pieces in the best way possible will reduce the chances of damage . All small parts (screws, details, game balls, rods) must be placed and closed in boxes with the necessary packaging. Large ones, on the other hand, can be covered with bubble wrap even with foam. This way, you can protect them from bumps and falls. Remember that the slate slab is delicate, so it must also be transported with due care in the van. It is essential to place a thick wood or other cushioning material between the slab and the bottom or sides of the van to avoid impacts due to the holes. The green cloth, when disassembled, must be carefully folded if you wish to reuse it. In many cases, however, it is better to replace the worn surface.

Pay attention to the reassembly of the table

Perhaps it is the most difficult phase because the billiard table must not only be formally reassembled: it has specific technical characteristics. For example, it must be levelled so as not to show inclinations that could affect the game. Enthusiasts know that just one detail is enough to make the table unusable. What do you need to move a pool table?

  • Four wooden carts
  • Screwdriver or staple remover
  • Eye protection
  • Mechanical compass
  • Electric drill
  • Truck

No room for billiards in the new house?

Bad news for fans of this game: it is not always possible to find a home that can host such a bulky object. As a result, it may be necessary to sell or give it to a lucky person. But in the meantime, How do we solve this problem? You need to contact a company that deals with transport and moving, but that also offers a furniture storage service. One such company is Fox Removals. It is not a simple job, but there are those who have the skills, tools, and machines to optimise this process. Calling a company specialising in small or large removals means entrusting what counts in your life, and moving them into your new home. We can move large kitchens, sofas, beds, and furniture: even a pool table! If you have decided to move and are looking for a partner, who can help you and to safely move your pool table, why not contact us?!

At Fox Removals, we have a team of professionals at your service, experts in the most delicate and specialised operations, Including billiards and pool tables. The only thing you need to do is to find a room that can best accommodate your beautiful billiard table. For more information on international moving solutions, we offer to visit Fox Removals today!

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