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We’re your trusted, reliable and professional team of removalists in Perth, WA. With 25+ years of experience providing careful, efficient and stress-free moves around Western Australia – we’re your best choice when looking for removalists Perth. Click the button below for a free quote today.

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Extra Notes:

Moving Can Be A Time Consuming & Stressful Time

It’s said that moving can be as stressful as going through a divorce, and it typically causes a 3 month disruption in our lives. Those facts are terrifying because we will move multiple times in our lives, and we all know the dread that can come with relocating. Having to invest massive invest amounts of energy & time in making sure everything is packed & ready, arranging the move, setting up again, all while keeping everything else in your life moving forward and people happy is a very challenging experience, but it doesn’t have to be this way. At Fox Removals, we’ve dedicated ourselves to removing the stress and difficulty that comes with relocating. Each week we help dozens of people, just like you, relocate in an easy, relaxed and stress-free manner by taking care of the move itself and assisting people in making intelligent decisions when relocating. With over 25+ years of experience helping people move, we’ve picked up some tips and tricks to make your relocation much more manageable. For an easy & stress-free move, partner with experienced professionals to take care of the heavy lifting for you. Click the button below for a free quote from the most trusted removalists in Perth.

Why Choose Fox Removals As Your Perth Removalists

If you’re looking for removalists in Perth, here at 10 reasons why you should choose Fox Removals.

Reliable & Trustworthy
Perth Removalists
Damage, Scratch &
Stain Free Guarantee
Transparent Quotes
With No Hidden Fees
On Time, Every Time, Guaranteed
Perth Metro & Regional Relocations
25+ Years Removals Experience
Friendly, Careful & Efficient Team
Dismantling, Packing & Assembly Options
Highly Trained & Police Cleared Staff
First Class Storage & Relocation Options

Removalists Perth - Are You Looking For The Best One?

We’re a team of safe and efficient removalists in Perth who help you during this stressful time so you can move into your new place without the hassle. We take the stress out of moving for our customers everyday and they’re often so happy they give us our 5-star Google review. The moving process can be stressful, but our customer service and experience are often what people say made the biggest difference during their move. We know the Perth metro area like the back of our hand and can help ensure that moving day is as enjoyable as possible. We understand just how stressful it can be to move to a new house and how quickly that moving date seems to creep up. For these reasons, we’re dedicated to make life as easy as possible for you by offering expert removalist services in Perth so moving day runs like clockwork. With our expert crew, we’re the perfect choice for your next move and we can handle any issues which may crop up on the day. Whether you’re moving into a large family home or downsizing into an apartment, we provide flexible moving options which will fit within your budget. Our well-equipped trucks have plenty of moving blankets to ensure everything is protected and we can also help you out with boxes and packing material if you need them for the move. We offer free transparent quotes with no hidden fees so click the button below to get a quote from Fox Removals today.

Our Removalist Services

How To Move With Fox Removals

We have a simple 4-step process we follow to provide you with a careful, efficient & stress-free move around Western Australia.

1. Get A Quote

Complete the online form on this website for a FREE quote.

2. Schedule A Time

Work with our team to schedule a convenient move time.

3. Prep Your Items

Prepare your items for moving day yourself or we can do this for you.

4. We Handle Your Move

Relax on moving day and we'll taking care of the heavy lifting for you.

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We're One Of The Top Moving Companies In Perth

We pride ourselves on being on of the top moving companies in Perth. This title is earned for many reasons and some of these reasons that make Fox one of the preferred removalists in Perth are down below:


  • Reliable & Trustworthy Perth Removalists
  • Highly Trained & Police Cleared Staff
  • Damage, Scratch & Stain Free Guarantee
  • Packing & Unpacking Services Offered
  • Transparent Quotes With No Hidden Fees
  • Guaranteed To Be On Time, Every Time
  • Friendly, Careful & Efficient Team
  • 25+ Years Removals Experience

Look At Our Numbers

As top performing removalists in Perth we’re earned some pretty big numbers that support that claim. Check out the number of removals we’ve performed and 5-star reviews we’ve gained.

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Successful Moves

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5 Star Reviews
Lux Home-68

Our Perth Removalists Reviews

We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by our service. Read testimonials from some happy customers who chose Fox Removals when looking for removalists in Perth.

Let Us Help You With Your Move

Don't Choose The Wrong Removalists In Perth WA

It isn’t easy choosing one company from all the removalists in Perth. All these companies “seem” to do the same thing; why is there such a price difference? Why shouldn’t I just pick the cheapest company? Be wary of the lowest price. All removalists work on hourly rates. Quite simply, how long does it take to complete a job? All quotes are “estimates” because they don’t know how long the project will take. Many questionable companies will offer a really low price to get the job and then hit you with extra fees, adding many extra hours to the quote because “things took longer then expected” or , worst of all, not increasing their bill & rushing the project potentially damaging your goods. Be picky when choosing your team of removalists in Perth, WA. There are a lot of companies but also a lot of dodgy operators. Don’t make a choice that will burn a hole in your wallet or damage your possessions.

Our Perth Removalists Hourly Rate

What will the price be for your move to Perth? All quotes for removals in Perth are based upon the time it will take to complete the task. At Fox Removals, we provide the gear and skilled labour needed to perform your move. The hourly pricing will depend on the size of the team and the day you choose for your move. Look below to see our pricing, and then click the red button to get your free customised quote.

Weekday Rates

2 Man Team
/ Per Hour
3 Man Team
/ Per Hour

Weekend Rates

2 Man Team
/ Per Hour
3 Man Team
/ Per Hour

Have A Question For A Removalists In Perth?

Here are some of the common questions our removalists in Perth get asked

How do I find a good removalist?

When moving, you need a good removalists but they can be hard to find.


All companies seem to do the same thing right?




A removalists is in control of virtually ALL possessions you own (even if its for a short time) so its critical you find someone who is going to take care of these items.


Cost is also important – you want to only look at what is the final cost of having all my items moved & take into consideration the extra costs you might incur is something is damaged during transport.


There are most costs then just the price of the removalists.


So, to find a good removalists you need to find an established company with a track record of success.


A company like Fox Removals with over 400+ 5-star google reviews that provides professional service when you first start chatting (when you first speak to a business – this is the nicest they are ever going to be with you so pay attention) and that guarantees your items will be in perfect condition when delivered.


Factors like this are what you should look out for when looking to find good removalists & Fox Removals is a fantastic option is your looking for removalists in Perth

How long does it take to move?

It depends. Each relocation is unique but on average, budget 2 hours for each bedroom. Example: 4 bedroom home takes roughly 8 hours to relocate.

Is it worth paying for movers?

It depends on your individual situation.


The calculation you’re doing is what is the effort + cost + time investment of working with a professional mover VS the energy + cost + time investment of doing it yourself.


We can’t answer this one for you but you need to weight the pros and cons yourself.


A good start with this calculation would be to get a free quote on your move so you know what you’re up against.


Click “GET A QUOTE” on this webpage to get that information within 24-business hours from Fox Removals.

What is the most affordable moving company in Perth?

Affordable in our eyes doesn’t mean the lowest hourly rate our of the moving companies in Perth BUT the true cost to your for your move.


Fox Removals is an affordable moving company when you look at all factors but not only do we have competitive hourly rates we also have a young, strong & efficient team who make the most of their time.


We’re experienced so we know how to do things efficiently.


We know Perth like the back of our hands so we minimise travel time.


We also guarantee that no items will be damaged during your move so there isn’t an unexpected cost of getting an item fixed.


Fox Removals is a great choice when looking for affordable moving companies in Perth who get the job done.

How much do removals cost in Perth?

The cost of hiring a removal company does depend on your unique situation as the “cost” is typically based on the number of hours invested into your move. To get an accurate cost of what it would cost for your move – reach out to your preferred moving company for a quote.

How is the cost of my move determined?

We charge at an hourly rate. Enquire with our representatives if you desire fixed price quoting.

How much do removalists cost per hour?

The hourly rates of removals do range per hour.


It depends on the team, location and company.


At Fox Removals for a 2-man team with all moving equipment needed we start at $139 per hour.

When is the cheapest month to move?

The pricing for moving is based upon the time required for the move (hourly rates) so the cheapest month to move would be the time where it is easier to load/unload your items, with the least amount of traffic on the road.

When is the best time to move?

Anytime is a great time to move with Fox. We offer two unique arrival windows, 7-8am and 11-2pm. One bit of advice is that you want to have your moving truck on the road when there is as little traffic as possible.

What is the cheapest day to move?

During the week has a lower hourly rate then on the weekend but the cost of your move is determines by the amount of time it takes overall. While the weekend rate might be higher per hour – you might be able to assist therefore reducing the amount of time needed overall + you’re not losing money by not working that day.


The cheapest day to move does depend on your unique situation but it is generally the day where things can move the fastest.

What is the most inexpensive way to move long distance?

Moving long distance can quickly become expensive. The cheapest way to move long distance is over land (generally) and you want to find a company who regularly does long distance moves (like Fox Removals) who’re efficient at doing the task. Find an efficient company, pack as compactly as you can, remove things you don’t need before you move so your load is an light/small as possible and be as fast as you can.

How far in advance should you book with a removal company?

As far in advance as you can because if you have certain dates that you MUST move then the more notice the better. General rule of thumb is to talk to removals companies 3-months before you relocate as they will usually be available and it means you’re being proactive with planning your move. DO NOT leave a move to the last minute. If you do, you will only do it once because it isn’t a fun time. Moving is stressful enough, don’t make it worse by having to rush if you can avoid it.

Can my possessions be stored temporarily with Fox Removals?

Fox Removals does offer temporary storage solutions for our clients moving in Perth.

As one of the best removalists in Perth, we can assess you unique situation, try to make a plan where this isn’t needed but we can also take care of this for you if required.

How and when should I pay?

After your relocation is completed, payment by Eftpos, Bank Transfer or cash is accepted.

The Areas We Service

Being a highly rated team of removalists in Perth, you might just think we work in the Perth area. While we know the Perth metro areas like the back of our hands we do also help people move to and out of Perth from interstate & regional areas. While we think its great when people move to Perth because its an amazing city with its natural beauty (like Kings Park and the Swan River), growing economy and great people – if you move is to another town, city or state – Fox Removals can still help you. Reach out to Fox Removals for an obligation free quote when you want to deal with the best removalists in Perth.

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