Moving into an apartment has a lot of advantages including less maintenance, a prime location, great amenities and better security. However, getting moved into your new apartment can be quite a challenge when you have issues such as limited space, narrow staircases and lifts to tackle. Let’s take a look at some of the most common mistakes people make with their apartment removals perth so you can avoid them in the lead up to moving day!

Mistake #1: Not taking the opportunity to cull

If you’re thinking that you’ll just pack everything up and then sort it out at the other end, this is often a mistake and you’ll end up with your smaller space being filled to the brim with boxes. Instead, take the time to cull your possessions to fit into your new space. This is especially important if you’re downsizing from a house to an apartment. Organise a garage sale ahead of time to make some money and clear out!

Mistake #2: Forgetting to measure furniture for the move

It’s so easy to look at a piece of furniture and assume it fits, only to find yourself unable to fit it through the door or having to take it back out again because it’s too big for the space. Take some time to measure up your large pieces of furniture to make sure it all fits comfortably in the space. If it doesn’t, you can think about other options such as selling certain items.

Mistake #3: Not speaking with your apartment building

Don’t just rock up on moving day and expect to go ahead with the move. Although some apartment buildings might be pretty relaxed, others have strict rules in place about removals to avoid disrupting other tenants. Get in touch with the contact person for your building and let them know about your removal plans. They can let you know if there are any restrictions and can also offer advice to make moving into the building as easy as possible.

Mistake #4: Waiting until the last minute to book removalists

This might seem obvious but a lot of people forget to organise a removalist until the last minute. This means you might have to settle for a day and time which really doesn’t suit you or you have to go with a company that you’re not very happy with. Organising a removalist ahead of time gives you the opportunity to plan your move and also means you have a point of contact if you have any concerns about moving day.

At Fox Removals, we specialise in helping our customers get moved into their new apartment quickly and without a hassle. We understand the unique challenges that come with apartment removals – we’re looking at you, staircases – but our team have the expertise to take on the challenge. We can also help with your awkward and heavy items so you can be confident that your items will arrive safely.

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