We all know that packing up to move house isn’t the best fun in the world. What often makes it worse is that once you get to the new house, you have to unpack it all again which is why so many people end up with boxes of stuff sitting around for months. Today, we’re sharing our tips for making unpacking as easy as possible.

Prepare before you unpack

You don’t want to start pulling things out of boxes until you’ve done the preparations. This means cleaning out cupboards, lining drawers and giving the house a generally good clean before you get unpacking. Doing the prep work gives you a clean slate and saves you having to stop halfway through to prepare an area.

Put boxes where they belong

This all starts with your labelling when you pack – if you clearly label the contents of a box and the room they belong, it means that all of your boxes can be put where they need to go. This avoids the additional work of having boxes piled in the main living area and then having to figure out what’s actually in them.

Unpack essential items first

Don’t just pick a random box and start there. Instead, be strategic and think about the most essential items that you’ll need in the first few days. This usually means things like the bedding, toiletries, and basic food preparation items. If you have kids, it could also mean some treasured toys and other comforters. With the basics unpacked, it means you can call it a day at any stage and have the necessities available to you.

Prioritise the kitchen

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to unpacking, the kitchen is generally the best choice. Having the kitchen unpacked not only clears a lot of the boxes that are probably taking up room in the main areas of the house but having all of your kitchen items available will also make food preparation much easier.

Get rid of boxes as you go

If you want your house to start looking as ordered and homely as possible, get rid of boxes straight away rather than letting them sit there and take up space. Once you’ve finished a box, get into the habit of breaking it down and putting it out to be recycled.

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