Moving house can be a stressful experience and it’s often only in hindsight that people realise that they’ve made the process that much harder for themselves due to some common mistakes. As experts in removals, we’re here to help you avoid falling into house removal traps. Today, we’ll be talking about mistakes a lot of people make when moving house so you know to avoid them on moving day!

Not leaving enough time to pack

You’ve probably heard this mentioned before but make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to pack. As soon as you have a moving date, start packing non-essential items and continue to work through your packing up until moving day. The avoids you doing an all-nighter trying to get everything done before the truck arrives!

Not clearly labelling boxes

So many people regret their vague labelling when the boxes arrive at the other end. Remember that you would have forgotten what’s in each box at the end of moving day so clearly label the contents of the box and which room they need to go in.

Not arranging enough packing material

There’s nothing worse than being halfway through packing your glassware the day before the move only to realise you’ve run out of packing material. Make sure you stock up with packing paper, boxes, bubble wrap, tape and anything else you need to stay on task.

Not packing an essentials box

No matter how big your plans are for getting unpacked on the day, the reality is you may be too tired to open all of the boxes after the move. With this in mind, have an essentials box with basic food preparation items, toiletries, medication and anything you’ll need on the first night. When you’re too tired to keep going, you’ll have everything you need!

Not making arrangements for the kids and pets

Moving day is often made even more stressful if you have kids and pets that you haven’t made arrangements for. If possible, ask a family member or friend to take them on moving day so they’re removed from the chaos. This allows you to get moved in without having to keep tabs on the kids or pets.

Not booking ahead for a removalist

As soon as you know your moving date, book your removalist. If you leave it too late, you may not be able to get the removalist you want or the day you prefer. Booking early also means that it’s one less thing you need to think about!

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