When it comes to moving house, there are certain areas that seem to sneak up on you during the packing process and the garage and shed is one of them. Although they often contains large, awkward items, they’re also one of the last areas we think about for packing. Today, we’re helping you get a head start by sharing our top tips for packing up the garage and shed in preparation for moving day.

Declutter your garage and shed items

The garage and shed tends to become a bit of a dumping ground for unwanted items so do a clean out as early on as possible. The easiest way to see what you do and don’t want is to bring everything out of the shed onto the lawn – you’ll probably notice a lot of long forgotten items that you have no need for.

Wrap all sharp objects

The shed is the prime location for sharp tools so make sure you’re protected during the move. Put the protective covers on an power tools and securely wrap saws and other sharp items so there are no accidents during transport.

Don’t overpack the boxes

With tools and other heavy items in the garage and shed, make sure you don’t overpack the boxes. Not only will overpacking make the boxes difficult to move, you also risk the bottoms of the boxes falling through while they’re being carried.

Stock up on clear bags or containers

The shed is breeding ground for screws, nuts, furniture assembly kits, and other miscellaneous items. Make sure you have some clear bags or containers on hand so you can separate out your smaller items and clearly label them with a permanent marker.

Clean your items

When relocating items such as outdoor furniture, kids’ bikes, and the BBQ, it’s the perfect opportunity to give everything a clean. Not only does this mean everything is ready to go at the other end, it also avoid sand, dust and grime getting onto everything during the move.

Throw away flammable or hazardous materials

For safety reasons, you can’t transport flammable or hazardous materials to the new house. Remember to drain fuel from equipment such as the lawnmower and empty your BBQ gas bottle. Dispose of chemicals correctly or check with the new owners and see if they want you to leave them in the shed.

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