If you want your office removals to run as smoothly as possible, preparation is key. Moving office can be a complicated process and it definitely isn’t something you want to be leaving to the last minute! With that in mind, we’re here to share some of our top tips for moving offices.

1. Create a plan

As soon as you know you’re going to be moving offices, create a plan and detailed timeline. Remember that for larger office moves, you need several months to facilitate this process.

2. Keep staff informed

Keep your staff informed throughout the whole moving process and send out regular updates. As you get closer to the move, let them know what their tasks and responsibilities will be.

3. Organise a site visit

Get your staff excited about their new office space by organising a site visit to the new building. Make sure you also point out local amenities, such as coffee shops and lunch spots.

4. Assess the floor plan

It’s unlikely that you’ll be going into a space with the same floor plan as your existing office so make sure you take a close look at the new office to ensure that everything fits in.

5. Let clients know about the move

While you’ll try to avoid disruptions as much as possible, it’s important to let your clients know in advance that you’re moving. Provide details of the new office and include a map for easier access.

6. Pack in advance

Get packing as soon as you can – start with non-essential items and work your way up from there. This will make things much easier when you’re preparing for moving day.

7. Cull unnecessary items

Moving offices is the perfect time to get rid of unnecessary items. Most offices have broken chairs, surplus furniture and outdated electronics hidden away and this is the perfect time to clear the clutter.

8. Consider sensitive material

Moving office has the added complication of the need to relocate sensitive material, such as client documentation. Make sure you pack and transport these items securely.

9. Set up essential services

The last thing you need is to arrive at your office only to find that basic services aren’t ready to go. Organise services such as internet, electricity and phones ahead of time to avoid delays.

10. Book a removalist

Book your office removalist as soon as you’ve confirmed your move so you get the day and time that suits your business. Choose a service who have experience with office removals so you can be confident that things will run smoothly.
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