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Homeowners are always faced with some common questions when looking at their home removals. This post will look at these common questions and outline their solutions. Perhaps some questions going through your mind will be answered as well.

Aside from getting some help from a trusted removalist, some individuals might decide to perform their home removals themselves. Below are some questions that usually come through their minds.

Should I go with wooden boxes or cardboard boxes?

The usage of wooden and cardboard boxes is mostly determined by the type of materials to be transported. For fragile and most breakable contents, we always advise that you go with wooden boxes. If you are moving your usual household properties, a sturdy cardboard box is the best option. It is, however, noteworthy that the wooden boxes are more expensive than the cardboard boxes.

How to pack liquid inflammable safely

While some home removalists agree to carry flammable liquids, others do not. This is due to the risk attached. If you are lucky to have a company that agrees to transport your flammable liquids, you have to provide full details of the content to be transported. Communicate the necessary information to the company ahead of time. This will make them come prepared for you.

Most companies might insist that you put all flammables in well-sealed metal materials to prevent an accident. In the real sense, there are may be some additional charges attached to such products. Taking a second thought, the cost of transporting such flammable materials might be costlier than the cost of purchasing a new one. This is the reason we advise homeowners to compare costs before beginning the moving process.

How can I pack glass to avoid breakage?

This is a common question asked by homeowners during the moving process. A lot of people  are usually scared of packing glass because of the fear of an accident. If you are in this category, there is practically no need to fear. The wooden boxes are available and work like a treat.

However, you are advised to make the use of an expert home removalist like Fox Removals for professional assistance and safety assurance of your products.

How much weight can a single carton handle?

There are recommended weights when using professional cartons. Do not hesitate to follow the weight requirement of the manufacturer.

Also make sure that the weight of the materials in the carton is evenly distributed. Do not push the weight too much on one area of the carton. This could lead to some unnecessary issues.

How can I perform labelling?

Having issues labeling your products? Kindly contact a professional home removals company. They will be able to perform the job perfectly. You can also decide to perform your labeling yourself using adhesive labels. Appropriate labeling will reduce the risk of things getting mixed up and other unnecessary headaches.

How is Burglary related to home removal?

People tend not to understand the relationship that exists between Burglary and home removals. We will be pleased to announce that there is a good relationship between both

Burglary can occur in situations where homeowners are not able to move their assets to the new location on time. Once burglars set their eyes unoccupied properties, their hopes rise. They see an opportunity to perform their operations.

Can I leave the old or new house unoccupied for some time?

The best way to prevent Burglary is to attach security locks to houses you are not occupying at the moment. You can also ask close neighbors to help keep an eye on your property.

How can I protect my house from Burglary?

It is practically impossible to have full protection. There are stories of banks and other places with adequate security successfully invaded by criminals. However, one can reduce the possibility of such happening by getting suitable security materials such as burglar alarm systems, bolt, and locks.

How can I keep my move on the down low?

There are many benefits attached to this. Burglars are more interested in houses that are enticing. Therefore, it is important to avoid advertising costly items before you finally move into the apartment. Doing this will reduce the vulnerability of your properties.

Can I get insurance included in my quotation from the home removalist?

In some cases, it will, but in other cases, it will not be included. It is all dependent on the scenario involved. You are also advised to have your insurance for your properties.

What are the best tips to take in order to reduce my cost?

One of the best ways to reduce the cost of removal is to move expensive items yourself. If you can safely move these items, it is expedient you give it a try. Accepting market valuation replacement is also another way to keep the cost down. However to reduce the risk of damage and injury, it is recommended that you leave this in the hands of your trusted removalists.

Is it that easy to perform a claim?

You can perform your insurance claim efficiently by doing some research and finding an appropriate broker online. Work with an insurance company that has excellent customer reviews. Always remember to transact with a company that has the expertise. This will go a long way to ease your stress, especially when you want to perform a claim.

How professional is Fox Removals?

Our reviews speak for us. We are one of the most trusted Removal companies in Perth. We treat your property with the upmost respect ad care, as if it were our own.

Does Fox Removals keep to time?

Punctuality is what we do best. Once we have an agreement, be sure that we will be available before the stipulated time frame.

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