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Moving to your dream location, Hillarys.

Hillarys is a stunning coastal suburb in Perth’s north. It features affluent, luxurious homes, and Hillarys Boat Harbour; an eating and entertainment complex that attracts tourists and locals.
With countless areas to watch the sunset or enjoy some fishing, Hillarys is a beautiful area to live in.

Do we need to hire a removal company?

Moving house can be stressful, especially when trying to juggle your work and family responsibilities at the same time. While you can endeavour to move without hiring a company, it can become more time consuming, stressful and dangerous. Removal companies are experts in moving houses as they do it almost every day! Fox Removals have specialised, trained staff that have years of experience in furniture removal and transportation. Our team are police cleared and insured, for your peace of mind.

We use specialist equipment to move and carry your important luxury items. Is your new home multi-storey? No need to worry, we have the equipment to help us navigate any items up the stairs safely without damage occurring to your item or property. Using a removal company has its benefits. We offer furniture dismantling and reassembly, packing services and packing supplies to make the job even faster and tension-free.

How to find a reputable company

When searching for a removal company be sure to check the reviews and comments from past customers. This is a sure way to get an honest opinion on the services that a company can provide. Fox Removals have 5-star reviews and are known as Perth’s most trusted removal company. We are always on time, execute the job safely and promptly and provide easy payment options including our mobile EFTPOS machine.

Packing tips and tricks

  • Consider what items you will need to use first at the new home and pack those items last and obviously mark the box.
  • Pack snacks, water bottles and pyjamas for your family so that at the end of a long day you have the necessities ready.
  • Consider getting take-out on your moving day, this means that you don’t need to search for cooking utensils or cutlery.
  • Wrap fragile items in rolled clothing articles or towels. This provides cushioning without the need to buy plastic bubble-wrap (better for the environment and your wallet).
  • Set the beds up immediately. The other furniture can wait but after a day moving you will need a comfortable bed to roll into!
  • Clean as you go. Donate any unwanted goods and recycle any items that you can.
  • Pack heavy books in rolling suitcases. This limits the weight of these items and makes them easier to transport.
  • Don’t water your plants for at least 24 hours before your move. This can make them heavier and extra muddy if a spillage is to occur.
  • Label boxes clearly on the side so that the contents of the box are obvious when they are stacked on top of each other.

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