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A piano, especially for those who own one at home, is a precious asset, almost priceless, and is very delicate and tedious to transport. An upright piano can weigh from 130 to 400 kg, and moving a load of this type requires the intervention of several people. We always recommend relying on experts in clearing and moving, but if you want to do it yourself, here are some suggestions. Pianos are weighty instruments, and they can be stressful to move. This is one of the reasons you will need help. The feet of pianos are fragile, and extra care must be taken to prevent damages. If you decide to move your piano yourself, you definitely will need some extra hand. Rent or purchase heavy-duty belts that will provide a better grip on the floor itself.

You’ll also need a furniture dolly, one that can support the weight of the piano. Meet professionals to direct you to the right tools and give suggestions based on the type of piano you are moving. Use straps to hold the table to the trolley. This will help protect the walls from cracks and scratches.

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Our careful movers are committed to always doing a fantastic job, so you can be rest assured that with you’re working with the Fox, you’re working with the best removalists who promise your items will be delivered safely. Enjoy a stress-free experience during all stages of the relocation process. Here are the top 10 reasons our clients choose to work with us again and again:

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If you’re looking for a house, office or furniture removals company, there are so many reasons why you should choose Fox Removals. Our Perth removalist company also offers a packing service and storage services. We can supply packing materials along with our comprehensive range of removal services (including interstate removals) promoted on this website.

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Protect the keyboard cover

First, close and lock the keyboard cover to prevent it from opening during movement. Ensure that the keyboard cover is closed when you wrap the piano. Make sure the piano cover is locked. Avoid using tape to close the lid. It will lead to damage to the wooden surface. Wrap the piano with blankets or padding, wrap the top, especially the corners, fixing it with adhesive tape. Keep the tape in contact with the surface of the table. Make sure the blanket/padding is thick enough to keep the floor protected from bumps.

Lifting & Security

When lifting the piano in position, whether it is on the furniture trolley, on the trolley, or to move it to another position with the house, remember not to lift it by the legs. The legs are extremely vulnerable. Also, keep the piano upright. Spreading it to one side is not good for the inner mechanics. With two people at the ends of the top, place the movable straps under the bottom of the worktop, with a strap on each end. With a person holding one end of the strap (now you should have four people helping, each supporting the four corners), lift the plane onto the furniture cart. Now secure it, making sure that the table legs are resting on the trolley. If the hob is equipped with wheels, lock the casters in place (if possible) or make sure the hob is secure. The piano must be positioned on the back of the mobile trolley, near the rear wall – the wall that separates the inside cabin of the truck from the space at the back. Many piano musicians suggest the use of wooden boards to ensure a level floor for the piano as most truck spaces are not always advisable. This helps relieve pressure on the wheels and the piano legs that will strain to stabilise during the move. If you use boards, place them along the back wall. Lift the piano from the trolley onto the axes, then use the adjustable straps, fix the top to the trolley wall. Check that the piano cannot roll while the cart is moving.

How To Move With Fox Removals

Our entire process can be broken down into 4 key steps we follow to provide you with a careful, efficient & stress-free move around Western Australia.

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Prepare a special space for your piano

Keep an exact place for your piano in your new house. Special attention must be paid to this space area. It is important you place the piano in a place protected from cold and humidity. Planning this early will make the piano moving process easier. Each time you move a piano, you will need to tune it. While pianos are heavy objects and seem quite solid, their internal mechanisms are sensitive to movement and shock. A professional tuner will make it perfect again. Even if you rely on the experience of professionals, there are some steps you can take to make sure you have a smooth move. Some advanced preparations can make for a safe and stress-free relocation. Pianos by nature are large, voluminous, and uncomfortable. If you’ve ever tried to rearrange a room that contains a piano, you know how hard it is to make the instrument move even by a small amount. Needless to say, they won’t fit in any place. Also, if the final destination is properly sized, doors, corridors, and tight corners can hinder even the best removalists.

How to move an upright piano – continued

To avoid any difficulty, analyse the route from the old house to the new home. Record all dimensions of doors, stairs, and corridors. Does the piano fit these constraints? Otherwise, you may need to choose a different room or placement in the home. Also, make sure that the route is free of obstacles that could block or hinder the engine’s ability to bring the piano to the desired position. Make sure your removalists do not alter the piano during the move. Some removalists have been known to remove parts, namely the the keyboard from the piano if space constraints are a problem. This method of handling a piano move is bad news for your instrument. There is no substitute for supervision. Despite the reputation of the moving company you have chosen, you should still observe the work they do. They should protect the piano with a large amount of stuffed pillows and heavy throws.

The external piano case is just as important as the instrument inside. Because repair costs can be expensive, you want to avoid any damage to the floor surface. On this note, you should also confirm that the piano musicians have sufficient insurance. While the damage is always an inconvenient, it’s nice to know that if an accident does occur, you won’t be stuck paying the costs.

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What will the price be for your move to Perth? Is it more if I’m in West Perth? North Perth? Does it matter when I’m located? What about an interstate move? What will the price be? These are questions we hear often. If this sounds like you, i’ll give you some peace of mind by stating that all quotes for removals in Perth are based on the time it takes to complete the task. Fox Removals are a quality removalist in Perth who offer great service & a competitive rate per hour if you want to compare quotes. At Fox Removals, we provide the gear and skilled labour needed to perform your move in a time-efficient manner. The hourly pricing will depend on the size of the team and the day you choose for your move. Hourly prices for removalist services can range broadly. Look below to see our pricing at Fox, and then click the red button to get your free customised quote from our friendly service team.

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We ensure we’re consistently delivering exceptional customer service & we’re very proud of the reviews we have from our customers. Very few removalists have earned the number of reviews that Fox has. Please read some testimonials from some happy customers who chose Fox Removals, and we hope that if you’re pleased with the service provided, we can add your review here as well.

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